Thursday, January 25, 2018

Another day off, hat survived & good reports{Thankful Thursday #160}

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41 / Day off!!
I still cant believe I just got my first ever Martin Luther King Jr. day off.  Nice to get another day right after the holidays.  & it was even better to get it on this day because it was a snowy mess & I would have been terrified driving home in it.

44 / My hat OK
I remember Harvey Dent grabbing my knitting.  Well Ernie is following in his footsteps.  I had been working on this hat & sat it on the table next to my couch... only to hear Ricky yell the next morning, "He got your knitting"... I thought it was all tore up.  Luckily, it stayed on the needles & I was able to straighten out the yarn to finish the hat. Close call!!!!

46 / Neighbors = clean driveways
That snow on Monday, it was so nice to look out of our window late at night & see our neighbor on his tractor shoveling a path to get out for work the next day.

50 / Pizza lunch at work!!!
So the amazing things at work just dont stop.  They had a pizza lunch for everyone that was hired the last quarter of the year so people in the firm could come meet us.  It was nice because there was 3 of us in the Finance Department that got to go up to this & wear name badges & have our picture up on the big screen.  It was super fun though chatting with people & the pizza was yummy.  What a cool event to see all the people who were hired throughout the firm at the same time as you.

51 / Coworker & bible studies
So I am so blessed to be sitting next to an office of the coolest young lady... we get in some good talks about our faith & also about loving natural lifestyles & being dog moms ... well, she joined a book club for the year & she thought she ordered the actual books of these two studies.  I've already got the books - but dont have the bible studies. She was going to send these back to Amazon & I told her I'd buy them from her. She had gotten an amazing deal on these because like the back has a tear in it - nothing huge - like literally a tear.  She was happy to let me buy them from her to save the hassle of shipping them back & I'm excited to look into these for maybe future bible studies to do with my group.

53 / Dog diapers
These things have been amazing for us at night when we sleep.  They are saggy when we wake up so we know they are doing their job.

55 / Good vet visit

I am just so thankful for our vet who has gotten Bruno's skin back to normal... & took care of his poor ears... & is taking care of Ernie & watching him grow into the little punk he is.

56 / Freedom
So Ernie has learned to escape his little play area this week while we're at work... so Ive been watching him on the camera to prepare for what he destroys.  & actually, he did really good every time he got out. One time, he literally crawled out & just went on the couch & took a long nap. haha.  Mostly, he just likes to follow Harvey & do whatever he's doing.

57 / Easy Saturday
It was just wonderful sitting in the enclosed room & reading & watching the snow melt.  The dogs loved it too....One particular is jealous when Harvey gets the attention - can you tell?

63 / MSM present
One of my sweet MSM girls came up to me on Sunday & gave me these earrings. Isn't that so sweet & aren't they so pretty?  She said she was at the mall & saw them & said she immediately thought of me.  Ahhhh.... I just love my girls.

64 / Joysters Back!
SO glad to be back in our group & in a study. I love the structure for studying the Bible. I need that in my life.  I need my Joysters in my life too!

66 / Windows down!
Even if it was one day, I'll take it. It was in the low 60's for a day & it was wonderful driving with the windows down & feeling the fresh air. Talk about getting the Spring Fever already going. COME ON!!!! 55 more days!!!

What good things have happened in your life this week?


  1. Come on spring!!! It's going to warm up a little later this week. We're going to paint on Saturday, and I'm opening the windows...I don't care if it's only high 40's.
    What pretty earrings!!
    Yay for having the MLK day off! My company just started giving that day off a few years ago.

  2. Ha! So Ernie is turning into a "punk"?! I'm so glad that you're loving your new job!

  3. That is so cool that you were able to talk about faith with a co worker! And I love the picture of Ernie just perched up there on the couch. Also, a pizza lunch sounds like a wonderful way to connect with people at work.

  4. So Harvey Dent is a daddy's boy. So adorable. And I love Ernie being a tad jealous of the attention. Plus that he'd sneak out of his area to take a nap on the couch. Now that's my kind of dog! Glad Bruno is doing better too!

  5. Just curious, what does a conversation about "natural living"consist of?

    Glad Bruno had a good vet visit. Sometimes hearing good news about out pets makes us forget about all the other nuances in life!

  6. I'm so glad that you are loving your new job. I have just started applying and it's so hard. I can't say much of anything good has happen of late. I would appreciate some prayers as I really need them. Thanks.

  7. Your job sounds like such an amazing place to work. You are truly blessed. I really like the yarn in that hat. Such pretty colors.

  8. I'm glad that your new job is going so well and that Bruno's skin and fur is improving!! :) I am reading blog posts today! Woohoo. It's rough getting back into the swing of everything this year. Whew! XO - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  9. Bruce is out of his crate a lot when we're out. He doesn't really destroy things, and I think that's because he just wants to be near Gus and Mae. Gus destroyed EVERYTHING as a puppy, but he was here alone.

  10. So sweet of your neighbor to shovel off the drive!
    Those pictures of Ernie are adorable. I love his animated little face! So glad Bruno is doing better, too!!
    Your workplace environment sounds incredible!

  11. Love your thankfuls! It's so refreshing to read something like this post as I get so much negative things on Facebook.

  12. I did the Uninvited study and WOW. I firmly believe that God put this book on Lysa's heart just for me. Seriously though.

  13. Such good things to be thankful for!! Love your pups and the good reports! Those earrings are perfect.

  14. Battlefield of the mind is amazing!!! So so good <3

  15. I've been thinking FOREVER that we need a doggy cam. Which do you have?

  16. Uninvited is a really good study! I shudder to think what destruction I'd come home to if the dogs could roam the house freely during the day ... but they could surprise me too and sleep all day like they usually do. :)

  17. There is a group of ladies at my church doing the Uninvited Bible Study. I'm not in it so I don't know how it's going but I know the group is full every week! We had a black lab for many years (got him from a shelter) and we left him outside in our fenced-in back yard the first few times we left him alone but he'd always get out and run around the neighborhood. We finally decided to leave him in the house and he'd just curl up somewhere and sleep. We found him many times still snoring when we'd get home! (I'm glad Bruno's skin and ears are clearing up!)


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