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One Sentence a Day - December 2017 Edition

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We made it through 2017...
& I'm so glad I have done this for another year - able to look back & see how my year has treated me in a fast & simple way.
It's crazy what one little sentence can bring up in memories.  But it totally can.
I love someone actually took this & ran with it for a link up & now, so many other people are doing it as well.  It's fun seeing other's lives in just a sentence a day.
So if you havent tried it yet - do it...
start a draft post & just stop in every day & add a sentence about your day before... simple... & easy... & you'll love having it at the end of 2018 - I guarantee it! 

& really, if you're not a blogger, you can totally do it with a little cheap calendar you can grab at Target or even the Dollar Store.  
Just throwing that out there...

Now, here we go - the last month of the year.... one sentence at a time.

1.  I never wanted more in my life to get home from my job then to get home to a new puppy. #thinkingaboutourbabyalldaylong

2.  So glad it was a beautiful day to let the new puppy & Harvey Dent play outside & bond together. #brothers

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3.  Got to take some of my MSM girls to serve in a living facility to paint nails of some beautiful & incredible ladies. #metaprecious105yearold

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4.  Took Ernie for his first vet check up & found out he's a healthy boy & took our old man back & found out he's doing so much better himself. #happyforgoodreports

5.  Why did I think it was Monday all day? #itstuesday

6.  I'm so not ready for the cold snap coming our way. #itscoldtakingpuppiesoutside

7.  I was so exhausted all day, I drank 2 cups of coffee & 3 cups of tea. #cantwakeup

8.  I honestly think its nearly impossible to do my grocery shopping & get out of paying under $100. #soexpensivetoeathealthy

9.  Went to our first Christmas party when Ricky's cousin had everyone over to see one another. #lovemyvincentfamily

10.  We had our last Joy group for the year & sad that its going to be a few weeks without my Joysters #lovemyfriends

11.  I could hardly keep my eyes open all day long & its rough when all I want to do is sleep but have to be on puppy watch so Ricky can go to bed early since he gets up with Ernie at 3:30am #gooddoggiedaddy

12. Got celebrated at work for my birthday after being there 3 weeks when its something my other work didnt do in all my 25 years there. #icriedoverabagel

13. So glad my niece only had to spend one night in the hospital & is safely back home. #juvenilediabetes

14. Made it out of work the fastest ever with hitting every cross walk & every green light all the way home. #bestdayever

15. Went to my work's first Christmas lunch & it was super nice & fun & I even got my picture taken with the CFO of the company. #howdidthathappen?

16.  Got to meet my dad's newest baby in his family #ernieisnttheonlyone

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17.  The annual Vincent Christmas get together. #lovemyinlaws

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18.  Took Ernie back for his last worming treatment & found out he's up to 10.5 lbs. #growingsofast

19.  Soaking up every last warm day we're getting right now. #cantitstayinthe50suntilspring?

20.  Got some devastating news about Ricky's uncle that left us just broken hearted. #cancersucks

21.  We've had 2 retirement parties this week, one Christmas lunch last week & today was yet another Christmas celebration on our floor. #alltheparties

22. I can't believe I've been at my job for a month & already have PTO time to take & get off early to Christmas shop. #needmoretime

23.  While getting my hair done, we watched the BIGGEST snow flakes falling. #makesitlooklikechristmas

24.  Got to celebrate the hubs birthday with our youngest who was in town. #suchatreat

25.  We actually had a white Christmas this year! #happybirthdayjesus

26.  Working the day after Christmas is nothing but pure torture. #downtownwasempty

27.  Realizing how badly I need a REAL winter coat walking downtown in 8 degree temps. #mylegswerefrozen

28.  Ernie may be a Australian Shepherd but in his heart, I think he has a soul of a yipping little dog. #wontstopyipping

29. So surprised to walk in work & see my desk all decorated up for my birthday. #neverhappenedatmyotherjob

30. Got to celebrate my 46th birthday with my family & celebrated Christmas with our framily & so sad we missed a wedding on this day too. #somuchtocramin  #happyforanotheryear

31.  It was so frigid cold we didnt want to even leave the house, but we had to run out to claim TWO Starbucks rewards that expired at midnight. #priorities  #endtheyearright

So there we go.... another year behind... onward & upward to 2018!!!

Link up opens tomorrow (Every first Thursday of the month)
Feel free to join in with us in 2018


  1. What a great month and a neat way to keep track of all the happenings. I may start doing this. I tried tracking on a bullet journal and kept misplacing it. Found it again last night and I have Oct 2016 (1st 9 days) and 2 days of Dec 2017 ... consistency isn't my forte. :)

  2. Love this. Good for you for sticking with it all year. I'd say December might have been your best month yet!! I love all the individual attention your work gives you for special events and holidays!

  3. I've totally had those days where all I want is to go home so I can cuddle with my cats! And that's impressive that you managed to get out in the cold for the Starbucks :)

  4. I was debating as to whether or not to do this for January. Thanks for the encouragement!

  5. Sounds like you have had such a great month!!! I love that your new job is going well, seems like a great group of people! And the puppy!!! Cant get enough of that little bugger!

  6. I love these posts, it's so fun to see your month recapped, sentence by sentence. Something so fun that you will ALWAYS be able to look back on!

  7. It's always nice to look back on the month and it sounds like you had a good one. I seriously want to snuggle with your puppy so bad! I love that your new job celebrated your birthday. We don't celebrate birthdays here and I know it would boost team moral if we did. Sierra~Beautifully Candid

  8. Love that you went out on NYE and claimed your rewards! So great to feel appreciated already in a brand new job! So nice they acknowledge and decorated for your birthday! Bet they adore you!

  9. I am so glad we made it through another year!!! Love looking back on the month and seeing a sentence from each day.

  10. I am SO happy for you and your new job. Yippee Skippy!!

  11. Haha, priorities! Yay for so many celebrations this month!

  12. I will certainly be participating next month! Already started my post! Thanks for hosting, Babe!

  13. Yay for white Christmases!!
    That puppy is so adorable!! I can see how you'd never want to leave him!!

  14. You know I love this and tried to do it too but #failed. BUT I think I might just do it in my own day journal instead because I really do write in that every day. I'll let you know how it goes!

  15. Happy birthday YOU. So nice that your new colleagues celebrated you. Sounds like this new job is the perfect fit.

    Glad the pups got good reports. Desperately need to get my kitties to the vet for shots. Just need to stay home long enough to do it.

    Did your MSM gals paint nails at a nursing home or retirement community? Not sure why I am guessing that's where they were. They sure are cuties. Learning good stuff about doing good deeds! Yay, YOU!

    Glad some of my blogging gals had white Christmases. So jelly. Still hoping for at least a dusting before we move into spring.

    Happy new year.

  16. I enjoyed your month Rebecca and I must tell you that we also had a white Christmas - but not like your white stuff, ours was on the beach here in Australia!! Love the pup too.

  17. I am LOVING the daily hashtags! Great touch. My favorite is #icriedoverabagel. And YAY for this new job! Sounds amazing.
    :) gwingal


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