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Wellness Wednesday - Wellness Goals of 2018

I love to be joining in with some amazing ladies for a series that will be happening the 2nd Wednesday of every month that deals with living your best healthy life.  I cant wait to see how everyone else looks at the same topic each month. I love getting inspiration & motivation from others when it comes to being healthier & fitter.... so let's kick this off!

This week we're talking about WELLNESS GOALS

So for me.... I am kind of - no, let me rephrase that - totally 100% disappointed in myself in letting my health go lately.

Remember a few years ago when I had a fire in me loosing weight & working out & eating amazingly & feeling the best ever? ..... yeahhhhhhh.... I remember those days too.

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I just fizzled out lately.  Like REALLLLY fizzled out.

I dont know if it is being in my mid-40's & hormones kicking me in the gut (truly) or the stress of dealing with my job & health insurance issues resulting in one of the biggest life changes I've had in awhile, or if it's just motivation has just gone out of the window.... or a combo of all of it....

but yeah... all that weight I lost?  Guess who found me?  Yep... all that weight.

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The struggle is real y'all.  I know this is going to be a life style, every day, every night, every moment decision for the rest of my life.  To be healthy & to be fit, its going to take focus on every area of my life. No slacking allowed. Slacking leads to habits... habits leads to downfalls & downfalls lead to landslides....

BUT..... I love a good but (which by the way, I'll get again #punintended)

I have taken the steps to getting healthier for 2018.

& yes, I lost my weight before  doing the 21 Day Fix - & it worked amazingly for me.  But for some reason, its just not filling my soul right now.  I mean, it's not motivating me - I just can't seem to stick with it this time around.  Not sure why... I just am not feeling it.

So I have been looking around at different options... the Tone it Up girls, Jenny Craig, other fitness sites & trainers.... & know what I did?

I pulled the cord & jumped & made the leap... I joined Weight Watchers!

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& can I say, I'm pretty excited about it.

This new point system?  I see what Oprah is yelling about now.

As a vegetarian, its REALLLLLY nice too - because a lot of foods that I eat as stables as a vegetarian are "free point" foods.  Crazy, huh?

Free point foods dont even have to be measured or weighed - they're free.  Which is nice because veggies & fruits?  Eggs & tofu?  Beans & lentils? I can eat all I want.... how incredible is that?

Even on the 21 Day Fix - you are limited to how many fruits & veggies you can have - with fruits being a low amount for a day.  I'd eat my daily fruit by noon.... which is strange to think that fruit is limited - & I get it - it has natural sugar... but still - its full of vitamins & healthy stuff for you.... not limited any more.

& I'm loving the web page & app & the community that is on all of it... So far, I'm really impressed.

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I have big goals ahead. I still want to get the 50 lbs BACK off. (insert head droooping sigh here)... but I know I can do it.  & I'm excited to get back at it.

This is the fire I was talking about my soul needs...

Wish me luck... & I'll be posting updates, I'm sure!!!

Who knew me & Oprah & DJ Khaled were going to be best friends?

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  1. I hear commercials about the new weight watchers programs at least 10 times a day! I never really understood how that worked, but it does! Do you have to go to meetings or is it all online?

  2. I find keep tracking of what I eat, helps ALOT. I so need to get back into doing that. I have been hearing alot about the weight watchers freestyle. To be honest, I'm really intrigue but do you have to go to the meetings? Going to the meetings for me, was the worse part. I didn't enjoy it at all and well I thought the people weren't very nice either.

  3. I have lots of friends who love WW and this new program. You're gonna do great!!! You got this!!

  4. Oh - I hope you do updates on this. I'm curious how the new program is. I know I need to track what I eat, but then I get depressed when I see it all in writing so I stop tracking and head to the kitchen. Pretty much what we're NOT supposed to do.

  5. I just look at a cookie and I gain a pound! Definitely keep us posted, you motivate me!!

  6. I might have to link up with you guys! I am 100% focusing on my health this year again after giving my body to growing Zoe in 2016 and then trying to find my place as a new mom last year....2018 is the year for me to take it back and rock it! Congrats on joining WW. I have thought several times about doing it, but never pulled the plug. I am so excited to follow along with you in your journey! We all need encouragement and support, it is hard! I am doing Whole 30 this month and I am trying to find my workout mojo again. Before the eating was hard for me, and workouts were no struggle. Not sure what shifted other than my sheer exhaustion and laziness to make it work for me again. I know that you totally got this!!!!

  7. Looking forward to seeing how WW works for you! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  8. Good for you, Rebecca! I'm so proud of you. I've lost and regained weight most of my entire adult life. And the struggle is real. It's so easy to slip back into old habits without even noticing. I've also realized, unfairly, that it's much easier to gain weight as I've gotten older and so much harder to lose weight. Not fair! Right now I've chosen to follow a low carb diet to aid in my journey, in part because I need to eliminate my carb addiction. :D But I also miss my fruits! I'm eager to hear more about your journey with Weight Watchers because I am interested in Freestyle. I did weight watchers years ago but it was the old point system. I'm not at my goal yet but when I get there, I will still need something like Freestyle to help me maintain. Good luck, my friend. You can do it!

  9. Yay for getting that fire back. I feel the same as you. Looking forward to seeing how you like the new program. You got this friend!

  10. I need to get back on WW's. I know it always worked for me. May I ask...did you join a local group or join online? I can't believe the fruit and veggies are free points. That didn't used to be. I may really have to consider joining up again.

  11. yes for getting back at it! i think everyone needs to jumpstart with something new/different. YOU GOT THIS!

  12. Best of luck to you, Rebecca Jo!! It's super cool how there's an app to help you track all things WW. That's a neat feature. And you can't go wrong when Oprah tells you to do it ;)

  13. Way to go. I have heard great things about WW. I am changing up my workouts to lean out, eating more healthier meals, way less meat (so please send me any vegetarian dishes you love) and less alcohol. gotta get healthy and feel better about myself!

  14. Thank you, Rebecca, for participating in the Wellness Wednesday link-up. Yay for getting your fire back. You can do it!

  15. I know a few people who did weight watchers and loved it! I am going to try my best to eat healthier and do more exercise than just running around after the boys. Sierra~Beautifully Candid

  16. Girl, I have fizzled, too!! I did WW about 15 years ago and became a Lifetime member. I need to look into this! Sounds like something I might be able to do. Thanks for posting about it!

  17. I wanna be your Weight Watchers bestie, too! In it to win it. WW is truly a program you can follow all your life. It's all about choices. Want that ice cream...have it, just get some extra activity points, or eat very conservatively the following day. But you don't have to do without on WW. You just have to balance. And you can do that. I can do that, too. And we can cheer each other along. Yay, YOU!!!

  18. A great start to the year for you Rebecca. With exercise or dieting I find it much easier to have a buddy and WW would certainly help. It is all about a lifestyle change rather than going on a short term crash diet only to find the weight comes back when you go back to normal. Good luck and look forward to hearing your progess in the next link up.
    Sue from Sizzling Towards 60 & beyond

  19. I am so proud of you. I have another friend I was talking to today who joinied weight watchers as well. Way to take control girl, it's never too late. Cheering you on!

    Also, as you know you are the GIF/image QUEEN

  20. Weight Watchers works. I lost 50 pounds about five years ago on WW. I have gained it all back. You really have to make a lifestyle change and never go back. Sigh. I'm doing low carb and it is working for me. I've lost 28 pounds of that 50, so cheering for both of us!!

  21. Your pun game is strong! I love it!

    My mom and I did WW when I was in college, and it worked really well. It looks like this new program has more of a focus on eating actual food rather than trying to see how many treats you could fit into your daily points allowance (not speaking from experience at all). My mom has wanted to do it again, so maybe it's worth looking at again!

    Best of luck with your goals, and I look forward to reading your updates!

  22. I was doing WW last year until getting there with the walker got to be too much. I meant to get back to meetings after my surgery, but I never did, & now money is a bit tight. But really, going to meetings was SO HELPFUL for me! Good luck to you!

  23. Weight loss can be so wearing...that's why I started my Healthier Habits series, so that I could just make small tweaks and not get burned out. I think extreme things like a 21-day fix or a 30-day no-sugar thing CAN be great things to "reset" yourself, but if they're the be-all, end-all for how you're going to lose weight and keep it off...they just don't work. Like you said, it's a constant lifestyle choice, and for many, it's a constant uphill battle. But you CAN do this, and I'm excited to hear more about what you think of WW!

  24. Whew lady, I hear you!!!! I made some baby steps... and then it's like I've been hibernating. I've just been so stinkin' sick and fatigued that I'm not good for much of anything right now. :( I'm trying not to feel like I have been late to the "new year" refocus party.. but I am.. and it's killing me a bit. :( I haven't even determined that many of my goals for this year yet... and we're nearly! a month in! Health things are definitely on there though! :) Good luck with everything! I'll link up with you when I have a relevant post! :) XO - Alexandra

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