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Show Us Your Books

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Yahoo... the first one of the year & I get to join in.
I was slacking the last few months of 2017 & really want to get my goal of 40 books in for 2018
Let's do this!

Turtles All the Way Down
by John Green
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Quick Summary: A look at a high school student's struggle with mental health struggles

I love me some John Green & was excited about his new book.

I have weird feelings about this book though. I enjoyed it & I thought he did his main character Aza total justice in her struggle with mental health struggles. I mean, it was really really done well. As someone who has issues with germaphobe & a need to google every symptom & hone & hark & get myself riled up over the unknown, I appreciated seeing Aza & how her mind worked in her struggles.

But when someone asked me what the story was about, I couldnt really sum it up well. That's the issue I guess for me - I'm not really sure what the overall plot of the book was. I know we followed along with Aza & her friendships & her relationship with an old friend & the little mystery of finding his father who had gone missing... but that never really felt like the MAIN story. I dont know. Maybe just me.

 I did enjoy it - wasn't in awe of the story, but if you are a John Green fan, I think you can't miss this book.

"True terror isn't being scared; its not having the choice on the matter"

22918050The Heir by Kiera Cass
*** / 3 stars

Quick Summary:  King Maxon & Queen America's daughter is now starting a Selection of her own.

Started into the 4th book of The Selection Series - which this book is totally starting a different story line in the series. 
This one follows the daughter of Maxon & America... Eadlyn.
I have to say, this was my least favorite of the series. Eadlyn just isn't as likable a character as her parents.  & the story line wasn't as gripping... but it was nice to get back into the world of these characters.
Good to know that you can totally read the first 3 & not have to read these last two... but if you love the world they live in, you'll want to finish out the series.
& other side note - this one leaves on a continued story line like the first 3 did - so if you read this, you'll have to finish up with the 5th book.

"I couldn't help but notice it was always this way. At state events or important dinners, Mom was beside Dad or situated right behind him.  But when they were just husband & wife - not king & queen - he followed her."


The Crown by Kiera Cass
***1/2 / 3.5 stars 

Quick Summary: Eadlyn has to learn to what becoming Queen looks like in the middle of deciding if she's going to make a choice in her Selection

So yeah... just following with the end of the review above - you have to finish this book to see how it all gets wrapped up.
& on a good note, this one is better than the 4th book.  Eadlyn is a little bit more likable (A little) but I did like learning more about the guys in her Selection - they are the ones who saved the story for me.  & I really enjoyed how the story ended.  So in the end, I'm glad I finished up the entire Series & know if Happily Ever After really did exist for this royal family.

"Maybe its not the first kisses that are supposed to be special. Maybe it's the last ones."


What are you favorite books this month?

Any books that you are looking forward to reading in 2018?

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  1. I enjoyed the Selection series (all 5 of them) a couple of years ago - such cute characters and feel-good type stories. I think they would be awesome to read as a teenager (although I liked them enough in my late 20s haha). The quotes you shared are cute too!!!!

  2. Love your honest reviews. Since I have so little time to read, it’s gotta be at least 4/5 stars.

  3. For me, Turtles was an excellent book about mental health and loving someone with those issues but a mess of a plot

  4. Glad to know about the last two books in the Selection series. I will probably stop at book three. I'm having a very slow reading month right now.

  5. I haven't read any John Green, but I have Turtles on hold from the library and am excited to read it eventually!

  6. I really liked TATWD, but I'm okay with the fact that it didn't have a main point. Sometimes that drives me crazy, but this one worked because it was so much about the character versus the plot.

  7. I completely agree with your selection review. Eadlyn was annoying and a brat and I borderline hated her in the 4th book. America and Maxon made the first three for me and the boys in the selection made the last two. They were interesting and quick reads, though, so that's a plus! :)

  8. I got Turtles for Christmas and am excited to read it. At least now I know that it may not have a main point so I will have lowered expectations haha.

  9. I do love John Green and I got Turtles All the Way Down right when it came out, but I STILL need to read it. This year is the year I hope to spend more time on the books I own.


  10. i am not a huge fan of john green, only read a couple and only loved one, so i'm not sure about the new one.
    yeah i was very curious to see what your thoughts would be on the last two books in the selection series. i really liked the first 3, didn't like 4 (gosh she was so annoying) so still haven't gotten to book 5. at this point, i'd have to re-read the first 4 before i read the 5th and i wouldn't mind re-reading 1-3, but blah on 4. i just don't understand why she did that?

  11. Turtles was not my favorite John Green, but still infinitely readable.

  12. I have yet to pick up a John Green book. Maybe this will be the year?

  13. I have not read a John Green book. Hangs head in shame. I like character driven stories but the lack of plot concerns me, especially as an introduction to Green who is so heavily praised. What book of his would you recommend I start with? I have not read the Selection. While I enjoy YA, I've discovered that romance YA really bring out the old coot in me! LOL!

  14. I liked Turtles - but I think I've liked all his books. I haven't read any of the Selection books - not sure I could handle any romance books for awhile.

  15. I love reading your reviews and keep telling myself that one day book reading will happen for me lol. For now, I will get a glimpse and highlights from you :)

  16. I did pick up The Selection after seeing it so much on your posts, so it's good to know that I can get away with reading just the first 3 (since I have an issue starting series sometimes!)

  17. See, I didn't like Turtles all the Way down... the plot was all over the place. It could have done better without the existential crisis every other chapter.

  18. I'm not familiar with any of these so am always happy to read book reviews of new-to-me authors! Thanks!

  19. I thought that the Heir and the Crown were just okay. I loved The Selection and have heard it's supposed to be made into a movie this year. I'm not the biggest John Green so not sure if I"ll read Turtles.

  20. I have wanted to read The Selection series for awhile, but I've been worried I would feel like you did. But it sounds like the first ones are better than the latter ones, so I'll keep em on my list.

  21. The only John Green I've read was The Fault in Our Stars. It turned me off to all his other books. I've seen just about everyone reading Turtles though.

  22. The Selection sounds interesting. I may have to see if our library has it. I just listened to "A Man Called Ova". I was not impressed at all. I know it was your favorite last year and that's why I tried it. I thought it was kinda of boring, but I did like how it ended. Currently I'm reading Beth Moore's book the Undoing of Saint Silvanus. I started it back in 2016 but just couldn't get into it. I'm liking it pretty well now. I'm also listening to an Amish Series by Wanda Brunstetter. So far I'd give it about a 2 1/2 out of 5. We'll see how it goes.

  23. I've been wanting to read the selection series... is it worth it?

  24. Thank you for the suggestions. I just finished The Husband's Secret (same author as Big Little Lies) and it literally took me about 2 to 3 months :( It was good, but slow is what I am blaming it on. So now I need new books. Thank you for this!

  25. hehe I am majorly in the minority. But I like Eadlyn better! haha Also, somehow I did not see it coming who she'd end up with in the last one. :P I haven't read any John Green yet... but I am not sure if I will like it! XO - Alexandra

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