Wednesday, July 18, 2018


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I just binged the last season of Blackish. Man, that was a tough season where it dealt with a struggling marriage. Really tough.  But what a good show that is.  If you've never watched it, get on Hulu & binge away.

Sad. You have to know sad is an overwhelming emotion right now in my world.  Especially because today is my mom & dad's wedding anniversary.  It would have been 54 years of marriage for them.  Lift up a prayer for my momma if you think about it.


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I was on fire with this book & now at a stand still on reading.  Hoping to get it done by Friday before the big READATHON that starts Saturday morning!

Excited About

The READATHON!!!!! It kicks off on Saturday morning at midnight!!!!  I've got my books laid out & in the order I want to read them.  If you need me, I'll have my nose stuck in a book & coffee nearby.  Dont know what I'm talking about or want to join in?  Click HERE & join in.  I actually won a Still Me on audiobook from that last year. People really do win! :)  Plus, its just fun to play along throughout the day.  Keep an eye out for #24in48 on Twitter & Instagram

It's been warm but it hasn't felt like it did the past 2 weeks where it was SMOLDERING.  We're actually staying in the high 80's today the rest of the week (maybe I can do some of my readathon outside????) - but as we know, humidity is everything. UGH.   But its still not as bad as it has been this summer. 

Listening To
... well, I'll tell you what I'm NOT listening to - The Greatest Showman soundtrack. Want to know why?  It's stuck in my car's CD player.  We've tried everything to get it out - no luck. I can't listen to ANY CD in my car anymore now.  & yes, I get it - who listens to CD's in their car anymore. Me. That's who! Heck, my last car, I still listened to cassette tapes. I'm slow to change my ways.

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Proverbs 31 devotionals.  They have just been speaking to my soul lately even more than usual. Isn't it funny how sometimes, you feel like things are written JUST for you?

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