Thursday, July 05, 2018

Patterns, tornadoes & stop the glow!!! ....Thankful Thursday {#179}

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This week I'm thankful for:

Just missed storm
I was eating lunch with two co-workers & we had just finished when all of a sudden, everything turned dark & MAN - I'm pretty sure a small hurricane came through. The storm was CRAZZZYYYY!  Winds everywhere blowing the umbrellas at Panera. We luckily had just wrapped up & got in before the rain came pouring down!  That was close.

That is wind pushing that water out of the fountain!!!!!

Tornado safe
That same storm that came through - it set off tornado warning sirens off downtown. & apparently some tornados did hit areas of our town. I'm glad it missed downtown though! Especially when we were sitting in a high rise building.  That could have been really scary.

Knit Pattern
A knitting friend on Instagram had a really cute pattern that she makes to put on mason jars to put smoothies in - or any drink in a mason jar - but this holder helps keep the mason jar cool or from sweating.  It's just adorable. & I had mentioned it & while she sells it in her Etsy store, she ended up sending it to me for free. Excited to make one for myself.

Hair Appt
Last time I got my hair done was the day before my first surgery. & then dad passed away & then my other hair appointment was scheduled the week that I was in so much pain & I ended up BACK in surgery. Needless to say, my gray was shining through - BIG TIME. & let's not talk about my brows that had grown out like a caterpillar. YIKES.... & my sweet friend & hair dresser got in touch with me & said she knows I need to feel better about myself - & she ended up staying late on her early day off & did my hair for me! OH my gosh - I forgot what gray-free hair looked like!

Friend Hugs
I had taken mom to the store & turned down an aisle & seen one of my friends who saw my car in the parking lot & came looking for me.  She just gave me the best hug. I needed a big tight hug from a friend & she was just the brightest light in my day. 

New Convection Oven
I wasn't sure I was really going to like having a large appliance on my counter, but we have fallen in love with our convection oven.  It makes everything so crispy & hot.  It even makes toast taste better - not even joking.

Seeing Youth kids
I miss my youth kiddos so much & loved seeing a few of them when they had a special celebration for the kids who went to Bible & Beach.  Loved seeing my girls that went.

What are you thankful for this week?

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