Thursday, July 26, 2018

Memories, 5 yrs & a long road trip .... {Thankful Thursday #181}

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This week I am Thankful for:
(I missed some where I posted about my uncle passing - so this goes back a little bit more than a week)

My job
Y'all... I STILL cant say enough about this place & the people I work with & for. I was told when I started that every year, there are reviews & raises given out & I was like, what's that? Raises? I haven't had one in over 10 years at my previous job.  So when I got one, not even being here a year yet, I nearly cried. No, scratch that, I did cry.  Just to be shown appreciation at a job is something that I'm not used to & it makes me even more grateful for being blessed to be in this firm.

Uncles service
I know my uncle had put so much thought into his funeral & what he wanted it to look like & have parts of it that he really wanted - & I think it all happened. Which makes me so happy for him & his family. It was really a beautiful service - heart felt, moving & filled with such beautiful songs from his family & friends.  A real tribute to a man who lived life so well.

Ride with Tony & Madi
It really was a nice ride with my brother & one of my nieces to the country for the burial.  I thought it would feel forever long, especially when 'sitting' is an issue for me right now. But it went fast, the pain wasn't too intense & we had some good laughs on the way.  I probably havent spent that much time alone with my brother in probably .... hmmm....mmmm..... I cant even tell you how long.  So I was a really nice surprise to see it happen.

Ricky support
I had to go to a pretty important doctor's appointment & was so grateful for Ricky being next to me the whole time (I'll talk more about this appointment next week... & let's just say, life still isn't easing up on me folks) ... but this appointment ended up taking 3 hours!!! EEEKKK!!! & I know Ricky was about ready to loose his mind - from the stress of the appointment, much less the waiting... but he sat there & held my hand the entire time. 

Coffee date with friend
I've just had a lot on my mind & a lot happening in life so it was so nice when a friend took the time out of her busy schedule to just meet me at a coffee shop & treated me to an iced chai tea latte & we got to chat & cry & laugh together. The best medicine for the soul.

We chose to sit outside this time... love this coffee shop!

Omni Lunch
I went to lunch with some coworkers on Friday & they suggested we go to the new hotel in town that opened up. It's beautiful & I've been anxious to go in there to check it out. Well, they have a little 'market' in there that has all sorts of food options - & shopping & desserts & Gelato - its just the cutest place! I'm glad to know its a walk away for lunch now.

Perfect timing for readathon
The weather was cool from storms that rolled through the night before - & the storms even knocked out a lot of our service & with our TV's & internet being down - it couldn't have been better timing for reading.  & so grateful I was able to do a lot of it outside!

Harvey Dent 5 years old!!!!
Y'all... can you believe our baby boy is 5 years old???? His birthday was Saturday!  I can't believe how fast time flies. He was just a little puppers in our arms like yesterday. & here he is turning into a young man!  My heart!

They truly are a blessing, aren't they?  We rode out to see my mother in law this weekend & we always drive by Ricky's childhood memories & I asked him to take me by my old house - the house I was brought home to when I was a baby & the house I lived in till the day I got married - the same house my parents lived in until they moved 4.5 miles from me in the country.... nothing like driving down your old road & seeing visions of kick ball games & sleep overs & hide & go seek & bicycle riding & roller skating paths.  Memories are truly something to cherish.

So many memories

What are you Thankful For this week?

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