Wednesday, September 05, 2018


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TO PANIC!!!!!!

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I had to go to a colorectal surgeon yesterday because I'm still living in pain.  All these months later.
Come to find out.... all these abscesses... they've caused a fistula. Which is basically a tunnel that runs from one part of the body, to another, & it keeps filling up with yucky stuff & draining randomly.  So basically another abscess in the making. Luckily, its still draining so I'll have horrible days of pain & then it drains & I'm ok for a few days. & if it ever stops draining, another abscess will form. God help me!!!... but its all just MISERABLE. Months of pain. So the surgeon, of course, wants to surgeon (use it as a verb... I am)  She wants to go in & do a fistulotomy... which doesn't even sound fun, does it?  So basically - ANOTHER FREAKING SURGERY!!!!!!! ... & to top it off, she wants to do a colonoscopy the day before as well. Just the cherry on top of the cake.  She wanted to do it in like 2-3 weeks - I've put them off till the end of October... & still not sure if I'm keeping that appointment.  I'm just so freaking overwhelmed..... beyond overwhelmed.
So yeah... starting to panic in 3...2....1....

Light bulbs, more light bulbs & EVEN MORE light bulbs.
Doesnt it seem like they ALL go out at one time?  I've had 2 lamps in my bedroom out, two lights in my kitchen & one light in my living room.... & I'm sure when I go home, my laundry room light will be out. For some reason, that light blows like every 3 weeks.  Buy a long lasting light bulb & nope, still lasts less than a month. SO AGGRAVATING.


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Have you had these yet?
DELICIOUS!!!!... I bought a can of the Cheddar Cheese chips & Ricky tried one & was like, "Can I have some of these?"... needless to say, we shared that can in all of about 15 minutes.
I gotta pick up some more.

Right now I'm doing three books. I've started doing 2-3 books at a time. I used to hate doing that but I'm getting better at going from story to story.  It's only because I've got library books & I dont want to return them unread, so I'm trying to inhale them as fast as I can... but right now, here's what my nose is into.

Right now, my DVR (which just became available recently on the DirectTV app) is always recording Big Brother in case I miss it (GO TYLER!!!)  - & my favorite ladies - the Real Housewives. The ones currently on, New York, while finishing up their season & my OC Housewives - which I'm not digging the two new ladies on this year.... & Dallas - they are growing on me more each year!

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