Tuesday, September 04, 2018

One Sentence a Day - August 2018

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Can you believe its September. I honestly can't.
Talks of fall decorating & Christmas trees in stores.... here to go - the last part of the year!!!!
But here's my August - the last month of summer... one sentence a day


1.  So relieved to find out the mass in my uterus is just a fibroid but aggravated that I was so overwhelmed by the news, I forgot to ask more questions I had.  #birthcontrolpillsfora46yearold #thatsjustweird  #nottakingthem

2. Enjoy dinner at my brothers with the family while Ricky was playing corn hole with his work gang. #lovetobraidmynieceshair

3.  Got to watch a precious young couple start off their lives together. #GorgeousBride

4.  Had to drive down to Kroger to get my Click List order that wasn't ready the day before & ended up spending nearly $100.00 more because I just HAD to stop at Target since I made the drive down the hill. #goodbyemoney

5.  First day at HSM had me just as anxious as the girls. #firstdaysareexciting

6.  Wanted Blake to win the final rose on The Bachelorette but in the end, I wasn't hating on Garrett as much as I had all year long. #butpoorBlake

7. HAIR DAY!!! #goodbyegray #foratleastadayortwo

8. We've been invaded by wasps on our floor in our building & it was my turn when I came in to find a huge wasp sitting right on my computer staring at me. #whatawaytostartaday

9. Baby got shoed for the first time & my mom said she always kept the 'first' of all her kids, why not her  baby horse? #growinggirl

10. Had the best burger in my life that was a portobello mushroom topped with a fried green tomato. #gottagobacksoon

11. So exicted to go to my first beauty pageant & cheer on two of my favorite girls in the world & see one of our small group girls get CROWNED!!!!! #QueensEverywhere

12.  Church service was so rough for me today when they were talking about death & people that pass away unexpectedly.  #myhearthurt

13. I actually felt 'normal' & no pain in my rear for about 75% of the day! #feltlikeamiracle

14.  .... ANDDDDD the pain is back. #backtoreality

15.  Hard storms all night long had me up holding & rocking a poor scared little Zoe. #mybabieshave4paws

16.  Loving my new shirt that Heather sent me!!!

17.  Tried my first day of Intermittent Fasting. #wasntasbadasIthought

18.  We were on the hunt for hay for the horses today. #friendcamethrough

19.  I am not a nap person but after coming home from church & grocery shopping, a nap was all I wanted. #didntfeelgoodatall

Someone else was all about that nap life too
20.  Had to make a pit stop in Louisville to pick up my momma from my aunts house after work, reminding me once again that I'm so glad to live in the country. #citylifeaintformeanymore

21.  Just me & the dogs for the night when Ricky went to see the new Denzel Washington action packed movie with a work buddy. #readallnightlong

22.  Could not make myself come inside for the evening where it felt like a Fall night so grabbed a book & read until I couldnt see any longer. #perfection

23. I'm not overly convinced I wasn't somehow drugged when I fell asleep, in my dress & make up, at 8pm & didnt wake up till 5:30am the next morning. #passedout

24. Enjoyed having coffee with a friend & catching up on life & just leaning on each other in the loss of both of our fathers. #girlfriendtherapy

25.  Work on a Saturday isn't the most fun.  #notfunatall

26.  So glad that my Supervisor let me leave work early on Sunday so I could make it to HSM. #grateful

27.  Tried my first day of working out at 5:30am #didntdie #stillpreferevenings

28.  We need Bachelor in Paradise on every night of the week please. #JordanIsHilarious

29.  Pain pain pain making me feel like I'm never going to feel like myself again. #feelingdefeated

30.  Mom & I went to look at headstones & getting ideas for dad's. #suchabigdecision

31.  Never felt a bigger TGIF in my life. #THANKGOD

Tell me the highlight of your August!

You can join in with all the others who have fun with this now... the link up goes live on Thursday. Come back to visit everyone & see how their months went

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