Monday, September 10, 2018

The weekend that we didnt see the sun....

Happy Monday!

Any else feel like they are floating away? Or wearing a life preserver?
I thought it was supposed to be SPRING showers... not Fall Monsoons.

I will say, all the rain & dreary - it did end up giving us a taste of Fall with the cooler temps though - which is nice. We even get a few days of the cooler temps so I guess it had its up side of pouring on us all weekend.

Plus, all the gloom & rain was a good excuse to do a lot of things I needed to do - like cleaning & laundry... & of course, that's my call to read on the porch.  I actually spent most of Friday night & most of Saturday afternoon into evening reading.

Friday night / Saturday afternoon
Glad I liked the book - devoured it.
I was reading An American Marriage.  Time to take my stack of books back to the library this week & see what else they have.

What else exciting happened this weekend....

... I finished Season 2 of Ozark. OH MY GOSH! This show is so stinkin' good!  So intense! I was shocked at some of the happenings in the last 2 episodes of the season. -WOW!!! Someone talk Ozark to me who is watching it!

... Anyone else watch the HOT MESS that was the women's US Open finals?  It's funny because Ricky wanted to go out & get some dinner & I was like, "NOPE - US Open finals is at 4 pm" - its basically the ONLY time in life when I stay home for a sports event. Tennis is my only jam.  & with this match up - no way I was going to miss it.  & I'm so glad I didn't. I felt so horrible for both the players.  Serena totally was NOT treated fairly - & I'm first to say I think she has a little bit of an attitude - but she didnt deserve the treatment the umpire was giving her.  & then I felt so bad for Naomi who totally didnt get to enjoy her first Grand Slam title.  When they were both on the podium crying at the end - it all just felt miserable.  I still can't believe they FINED Serena $17,000 after all this too.  RIDICULOUS!!!!!!

... I got another hat finished on my knitting needles & a few more rows done on my afghan.

... HSM was FANTASTIC on Sunday - the story of the Prodigal Son is always something I never tire of hearing.  & it was just a great opportunity to pray with some girls.  I just love my group so much.

... Went over how to feed the horse on my own since Ricky won't be able to do it tonight - he's going to hear his girl give a speech at her old college.  How cool is that?  She'll be talking about her/their experience in the fire they were in & how that has inspired her to discover all she has in her field of work.  I wish I could be there myself- but with work & Bruno & just not feeling the best, I just can't.  I know she's going to be amazing though - no doubts.

.Click HERE to read about her event

.. We had a stray come to our house this weekend. A HUGE DOG! I think he was a Mastiff.  Ricky was like, "WATCH OUT" & I was walking to him with my arms open, saying, "Come here baby" :) haha He was a BIG OLE BABY too. Luckily, he had a tag on & poor thing had on it 'Needs Meds" - which made us even more hurry to call & contact the owner.  The guy was so glad to hear from us & he said he ran through their front screen door & got out.... when you gotta go, you gotta go I guess. The owner was at our house in no time & Titus was excited to see his daddy.  I'll be keeping an eye out now for him since his owner said he has a way of getting loose all the time.

... I wanted to watch Miss America but for some reason, on my Direct TV Now, it kept giving an error that said that that program wasn't allowed to be played. How strange is that????? Oh well - it gave me time to watch the last episode in the Real Housewives of New York reunion.  ANOTHER Hot Mess of TV.

So what happened exciting in your weekend?

Do you watch Ozark?  Did you watch Miss America?
& what do you think of the "no swim suit" controversy?

Are you staying dry - or feeling Fall temps yet?

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