Monday, September 17, 2018

The weekend by the numbers

I havent done this in awhile.... I'm all about numbers so it was fun to track some things...
So here's some fun numbers of my weekend

* 3 pieces of veggie pizza for dinner on Friday.  Pizza Hut thin crust pizza is the best.

* 12 bags carried in to mom's house from our trip to the Dollar Store. Did you know you could buy 12 bags worth of stuff there? You totally can.

* 2 friends I saw at the same Dollar Store. I always tend to run into someone I know every time I go there.  Granted, it IS the only little place in town to get anything without having to drive 20 miles so it's  the local go-to stop.

* 3 Starbucks iced coffees

*32 times I had to tell at Ernie "Leave BRUNO ALONE!!!!"

* 158 - the number of pages I read in my latest book.

* 93 degrees on Saturday. What happened to fall coming in?  I'm tired of the 90 degree temps & especially tired of the humidity!

* 128 minutes spent on Saturday morning with our bank investor.  I just had one quick thing to do with him but Ricky & him get to talking & it's like Ricky's love language.  Dividends, bonds, CD's, IRA;s - these are all words that Ricky gets excited about. Me?  I'm sitting with glazed eyes - but thankful my husband knows what he's talking about.

* 35 minutes spent Bible Journaling.  Love looking back over scripture & re-reading it & seeing what stands out to me. This is one we talked about Wednesday with the youth girls in our home bible study.  I had me some Christian music cranking & love pulling out my color pencils & playing in my Bible.

* 999 - the price of new cell phones.  Ricky wanted to go get new phones this weekend but he was getting run arounds from  different cell phone companies on plans.  I honestly just sat in Starbucks & told him to come find me after he decided.... which a half hour later, he came in & said, "I just cant handle this today" haha - cell phone plans shouldnt be this complicated.  Onto another day of figuring it out. 

* 19 white tee shirts folded.  & this isnt even all of Ricky's white tees. & you can imagine how many colored tees he has. Dude goes through the clothes in a week. & this looks like 18, but I had one white tee that was mine so that's not in the pic.

* 2718 - the number of stitches knitted to finish up my latest knit hat. I honestly know this is legit because math - & row counting.

* 11 girls in our small group in HSM on Sunday.

* 5 times I nearly choked in tears on the message given to the kids.  I get touched & moved every week myself in these incredible words that are preached to the kids.  Powerful stuff!!!

* 12 - the number of times I said, 'WHAT IS GOING ON? in the last 2 episodes of Castle Rock.  I honestly am so lost.... anyone else watch it & know how those last 2 episodes ended the season?  I gotta search on Google for some answers because when it went off, my face was contorted in the most confused expression that could exist.

Image result for castle rock
I'm totally checking out these articles .... I am SO CONFUSED!
So how was your weekend?

Did you get hit by the rains of the latest hurricane/tropical storm?

Give me a number from your weekend.

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