Thursday, September 13, 2018

My N States, rainy days & kick off to home group! {Thankful Thursday #187}

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This week I am Thankful For:

Day off work
So glad for Labor Day weekend. I needed the time off after all the weekend work that had been happening!

Female specialist
It's not been the most fun to have a male surgeon with the colorectal issues. So I'm really glad I found a female surgeon who specializes in such things.  It's an area that you dont find a lot of specialist anyways, so I'm really glad I was able to get in with this doctor.

HSM Home Group kickoff
So for the month of September, we're having Home Groups on Wednesdays where we get to dig a little deeper in the Bible.  We werent sure how it was going to turn out & I was thrilled that for our first night, we had a decent size. With sports practice, homework, band, just all the busy life kids live, I wasnt sure what to expect.  In total, I think there were like 17 kids.  Good stuff for the first night.

This is just for the 9th graders
Every 'class" has their own home to meet in - isn't that cool!

WHOOOO nelly.  Perimenopause cramps are nothing to joke about. I feel like I'm back in high school with the cramping.  I honestly think I took 10 Advil by 10am .  I literally couldnt function without the Advil.

Two new mugs
I honestly am just in awe every time I see a package at my front door. Y'all ARE THE BEST! I'm not even joking one bit.  I am truly blessed.  Thank you so much Dana & Jenna for my N mugs ;)
Dana is my fellow yarn lover & blogger & I love her & her husband love taking pictures of nature & everything around them.  Check her out & especially be in awe of how she keeps up with Project 365! I'm so jealous!... & venture over to Instagram & meet Jenna. I love that not only do I meet new & incredible people on blogs, but now, also on Instagram.  Connections everywhere!!! & I love every single one of them!

Dana - hope you are out of the storms path coming your way in North Carolina!!!!

Harvey felt better
Our poor boy didnt eat one night & just acted really funny.  It worried me to death. & was so happy to see him starving & wanting food & treats the next day & back to playing & back to himself.

Rainy cool day
Perfect for reading outside - & boy did I ever. I devoured a book & enjoyed the fresh smell of rain all weekend long.

Someone else enjoyed the lazy rainy day with me

Dog had tags
SOOO thankful the dog that wandered to our home had tags on so we could safely get him home!

Wasn't he a polite fella asking for a treat?

HSM prayers
I love when we have an opportunity to pray over our kiddos in HSM & after a POWERFUL message about the Prodigal Son, we had just that moment.  I love that the girls came up to us & wanted prayer over them & things going on in their life.  I'll never tire of lifting their needs & hearts up to our Heavenly Father. What a privilege!

What are you THANKFUL for this week?

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