Friday, September 28, 2018

Uncle Kenny....

I always have bragged about how much I love my Vincent family.

When I married into this gang, they have always been the best.  They are funny, kind, caring - just people you can be comfortable around no matter what.

And this kind of personality isn't just with my in-laws.... it's the whole Vincent gang.

When I met Ricky & dated him & met his family, it was more than just his mother & siblings. I also got introduced to his uncle & aunt & cousins.  They didnt let me down either in knowing that I was now an official Vincent & one of them.

So it's just hurt my heart so badly this week when one of our cherished family members passed away this week.

Uncle Kenny.

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I never knew him by just plain Kenny... nope - who is that?  It's always been "Uncle" Kenny.

He is Ricky's dad's brother.
I never had the opportunity to meet Ricky's dad, so I felt an even more special love for Ricky's Uncle who just showed me a glimpse of what my father in laws life was like.

Plus, the older Ricky has gotten through the years, I just see so much of Uncle Kenny in Ricky. Not just in looks, but in personality. I told Uncle Kenny that a few months back & I think he got a kick out of his nephew favoring him.

Ricky just always adored his uncle.  I've only heard Ricky reference his uncle with nothing but words of praise & love.  That was passed down to me as well - & it goes to all of Uncle Kenny's family - his wife Linda & his children, Paula & Jason... & has trickled down even more to their spouses & their children.  The family just grew & every one of them, precious.

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It's been quite something to hear Ricky talk the past few days of his memories of his Uncle Kenny growing up. From trips to the country where he & Ricky's father grew up - & hearing of how his Uncle helped him after his accident when he was younger - to just the admiration & love Ricky carries for his uncle through the years.

A piece of Ricky is just broken.  We all feel a piece of brokenness in this.  His immediate family?  I know its more than just brokenness... I sadly & so unfortunately know how this goes & feels. "Broken" can't even contain the emotions.  How do you describe when your world gets turned upside down?  .....Shattered?  Devastated?  Fractured?  Wrecked?

... but I also know the family has the Joy of the Lord in them... & the Hope of Heaven.  Which is soothing to the soul, especially in times like this.

We are so grateful that Paula, Uncle Kenny's daughter, had a family Christmas get together this past year & Ricky has talked about that since December.  He sat down with his Uncle Kenny & talked & talked & talked.... over 2 hours of hogging his uncle's time from anyone else :) & if anyone knows Ricky, you know he's not much of a talker - so that says something about the love Ricky has for this man to just sit with him & enjoying every minute of ingesting being with his uncle.  But Ricky has gone over the conversations so much this week.  Words said of caring.  Words of advice.  Words of a wiser man who has been down roads & wanted to impart his knowledge to his nephew.  I'm grateful Ricky had that time with him as well...

Please pray for Uncle Kenny's family.  It's hard. No matter if you are expecting death to come or not.  You never want to say good bye.

& you can know your loved one is celebrating in Heaven with their family & hugging Jesus - but our selfish side wants them to be with us to have one more conversation & one more kiss on the cheek.

We love you Aunt Linda, Paula & Tony, Jason & Jen ... & all those kiddos who have been so blessed to have an amazing PeePaw in their lives....

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So 2018, you have taken my dad, my Uncle Timmie & now our Uncle Kenny.... but you sure are building up an incredible welcome in Heaven of strong & amazing men who I know will be some of the first to greet Ricky & I when we arrive to our final destination.

This world is not our home... & we are not home yet....

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