Thursday, January 02, 2020

All the growing older love! {Thankful Thursday #253}

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Ending 2019 is always more busy, surrounding my birthday with it being New Years Eve Eve - as The Hubs has always called it.  So it's always fun & lots happening the last week of the year with The Hubs birthday on Christmas Eve, then Christmas, then we actually did Christmas AGAIN at my Brother's because my mom was sick & missed the first go around... & THEN my birthday.  So yeah - celebration mode is on FULL FORCE from the 24th to the 31st! Whew
SO MUCH to be Thankful for. If I wrote down here every single thing in my Gratitude journal, we'd be reading for way too long today.. so narrowed it down.

But hope you are ready to kick off 2020 & looking back at 2019 with a lot of GRATITUDE & a heart of THANKFULNESS

This week I am Thankful For:

Year End Craziness
Man, working in an Accounting Department is nutso when you want to get every things entered for year end.  It's been a crazy ride the past 2 weeks & I'm so grateful we've survived & can just have normal days of work for awhile.

Green Tea Love
I woke up the other day with the worst earache. It just kept getting worse during the day & both ears were hurting by the time I was coming home. I mentioned it to the hubby & he stopped at our little local coffee shop to pick me up some green tea with honey. They make the BEST green tea. They use local honey too & its DELICIOUS. I need to start getting more of these during the winter season.

Christmas Cards/ Birthday cards
Can I say, I just really love that I get so many cards from bloggy friends during this season. Lets me know that real connections are made here.  Sweet hand written notes, little surprises tucked in envelopes (Thank you Chris for my Starbucks card!!) ... I just could hug all my sweet friends who we share our lives in such a unique way.

Bible Study on break
So while we were on break during the Christmas season, our HSM group did a devotional together with the Bible App where we were all reading the same thing, & I loved that at the end of the devotionals & scripture, there was a space to comment &read what others thought. It was a great way to stay connected to each other & to God while we weren't meeting up.

The best birthday surprises.
I walked into work & found a little Belle Balloon peeking out. This was going to start the day off great. & that would have just been enough... but nope, one of my work friends had me some Bath & Body works lotions & the BEST CARD EVERRRRRR!!!!!

This card has a bookmark on it... with CHIP ... & the MAGIC MIRROR & a FELT ROSE! I honestly was so excited over this bookmark. You would have thought she gave me a $100 bill. She said, "Yeah, you just have to look in the kids card section"... yep - my favorite section.

& then my work sister Liz came in with some flowers & even made HOME MADE COOKIES - YUM!!!!!!

I got so many well wishes from coworkers & emails & just all the smiles & comments - made my work day on a birthday so much better.

I then came home to find a package on my front door - & my sweet friend Meranda had sent me the COOOOOOLEST water bottle I've ever seen. Yep... this baby will be put to use immediately!!! I love the little strap on it too to carry it around everywhere.

I had so many texts & messages & comments throughout the day - it really did make my heart just smile THE WHOLE DAY LONG!!!! SO thank you to EVERYONE who wishes me a Happy Birthday - truly, you cant know how you made my day!!!

Birthday Dinner
So it doesnt pay to have your birthday 2 days before the year end & also work in Accounting where the books are getting ready to close.  I was SOOOO busy on my birthday, I actually had to work late.  My hubs stayed downtown to wait on me though & we walked to a restaurant downtown that I always like.  That was a fun surprise.

I came home & the hubs had a balloon & a birthday cake & a Michael's gift card waiting for me.  I love this man. He gets me.

Birthday reward
The one time of the year I make the drive to my Starbucks before work & get my $6.35 drink... I love a birthday Starbucks reward!

What good things have happened in your life for the end of 2019?

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