Friday, July 02, 2021

Friday Favorites


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Favorite Workout Gear

Super smart! I always hated that kettlebells were all the rage & if you wanted them, you were going to have basically 2 sets of weights.  This just snaps around your weights you currently have & makes it a kettle bell knock off!

Favorite Earring Organizer


Favorite Lamp

Favorite Head Board

This doesnt actually connect to the bed. It hangs on the wall - giving a head board look.
What a smart idea!  Cheaper than a full bedding unit.
I've also seen where people take these & use as a bench backing in a kitchen!

Favorite Anklets

I love anklets in the summer when its sandal season.
I also love when they're cheap because I get them snagged by sitting on my leg all the time too. LOL

Favorite Fire Pit

I love fire pits but the open top ones make me nervous so I appreciate this one keeps  the fire more "contained"... but you can open it up for that smore making.
The real reason anyone should  have a fire pit.

Favorite Disney Ears


Favorite Funnies

Love this story....

.... when I see new movies that come out in the theaters are also streaming at home & I am happy to enjoy it from my own couch

.... every time after cleaning the house for 15 minutes

.... me knowing it takes 12-24 hours for  my cold brew to be ready

... me walking down the hall at 4:30pm

Happy Weekend Y'all!!!!

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