Tuesday, July 20, 2021

The weekend we got to celebrate the best MIL in the world

 Well, yesterday was my first day back in the office. ... & I survived. Now, ask me how I'm doing around Thursday & we'll see.  

I woke up anxious about the day early so the alarm didn't bother me yesterday.... but I can tell its going to get REALLY old.... REALLY FAST.  I know I said to myself at least a half dozen times while I was getting ready, "I should still be sleeping" - #truth

I went into Monday after a fun weekend. We got to see my in-laws - a group of people we havent seen all together since December 2019!!!  Crazy! 

We had the perfect reason to get together too - a surprise for my mother in law for her 80th birthday!!!

It was funny because we all had gotten there & decorated & were "hiding" in the back - but got to talking about COVID & the vaccine  .... & then all of a sudden, she's standing at the door & said, "WHAT IS HAPPENING?" HAHA - she was so shocked - but she actually surprised us.  We didnt hear the alarm to tell us she was there.  A double surprise win. 

Hubby with his beautiful sisters & momma

She had no idea we were doing this get together & she missed having us all together for so long... I think it was a great surprise for her - & that it landed exactly on her birthday was just perfect.

I love this picture of her as a little girl

I asked her what her favorite "age" was... what sort of age range was the best.  She said her 50's-60's were probably her favorite - which made this 49 1/2 year old gal feel really encouraged & hopeful.  

Maggie is just full of life - she said her secret is she never stops moving... & I think that really is part of the answer to the secret of a great long life. Just keep moving.  We have no doubt she's going to be moving for quite a long time & we'll be seeing her in 20 years at her 100th birthday. Maybe she'll slow down a little bit then.

Other highlights of the weekend:

* Went to see my mom - she's still doing really well in the rehab she's in. I really think her being allowed visitors is helpful.

* I started watching the show Travelers on Netflix & am really into it!!!!

* While we were out in the area for my MIL's party, we drove out to see my grandparents resting place. I havent been out that far in awhile & I forgot how beautiful their monument was.  

*  I got my office space in my house that I worked out of for the past year & a half all cleaned out... shredding papers & dragging out to the garbage - it took me on & off all weekend & it ended up being nearly 6 bags of garbage!!!  My room looks so BIG now with all the paper out of it.  I really need to get in there & organize it.  It's been so many things through the years - knitting, photography, Beauty & the Beast, & planner stuff... now its ALL that... all combined in areas. I need to get it organized more.  Clear out some of the stuff.... let me add this to the list of things to do.

So how was your weekend?

... & your Monday since I'm a day behind!

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