Thursday, July 01, 2021

Thankful Thursday #317


Happy July!!!!
Can you believe we are half way through 2021!!!!
I feel like someone can take their finger off of the fast forward button at this point.

I just looked at my Gratitude list & I really had a lot of the same things that I've mentioned a lot lately.... weather, books, help with horses... kind of the same thing.  

So I wont post it again.

I will totally put that I'm grateful to see family this weekend.  It was just so nice to catch up in person & not over a phone. & get some hugs in.

Also thankful to hear that our other Son in Law got a big promotion - which is exciting. They'll be making a move, which seems daunting with 2 year old twin boys - but I think they're excited to move back to the state where they met & have lived for awhile.

I'm grateful that Ozzie did so well with the boys. I was really anxious about it because he's really a weird dog when it comes to things he's afraid of.  When we're at the park, he wants to run & get away from everyone & everything.  Nope - he instantly knew these were his buddies & he just had the best weekend with the boys.

I'm thankful we had an extra toaster oven.  We got rid of our toaster awhile back & use our toaster oven more than anything. To warm things up - to toast things - to even cook/bake things.  So when ours blew out last week, I was ready to cry.  Lo & behold, we had another one we had gotten awhile back that I forgot about.  This one has an Air-Fryer on it too so we got a bonus! I need to keep an eye out for one when its on sale/clearance to keep on stand by again because I've learned this is one appliance I cant live without.

Speaking of appliances... I mentioned it yesterday, but so thankful for my cold brew maker.  I just love how smooth cold brew tastes.  & I can drink it all day long on hot days.  Yum Yum Yum!

& finally, I'll add in that I'm glad to have been working from home lately because I have only had to fill my gas tank up once a month.  If that. & with the price of gas, that's been a fun little life expense I've not had to think about.  

So tell me something good about your week!!!!

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