Thursday, July 22, 2021

Thankful Thursday #318 - probably the scariest story of the year for us


So excited to have two awesome blog friends reach out to me on my last Thankful post & say they will help in the link up... so if you dont see a post on my blog for that day, be sure to mark these two & visit there on Thursday. It will be the same link on all of our blogs... but this just ensures you can still join in the fun if one of us is out.

Welcome Leslie at Once Upon a time & Happily Ever After - I know a lot of you know her. She's awesome at fun posts & keeps us organized for the One Sentence a Day link ups - shes just the best & if you dont know her, change that & get to know her!

& also Welcome Jennifer from All 4 Boys - I ended up running into Jennifer's blog through another link up & instantly have just enjoyed her posts & found we have so much in common. This is the beauty of what link ups can do...

So starting off this post this week THANKFUL FOR THESE TWO!!!

Let's look some of the other things I'm grateful for this week:

* While I'm super bummed about being in, I am going to look at it with gratitude & be thankful that I was able to be at home for a year & a half. It was quite the adventure & something I'll look back on & remember.

* Transition was smooth & easy to be back in the office.  It was a heavy load carrying a TOTE full of stuff... but it took me an hour to unpack & then learning where everything is at at my desk, because hello? A year & a half - made this whole desk feel new. 

* Sweet Hubby - he had Alexa give me this reminder on my first day back... how cute is he.

* Mom is doing well in her Rehab that she's in. I really hope they dont shut down visitors with COVID rates spiking so high because I think that's been the best help for her this time around.

* Getting together with my inlaws this past weekend!

* My MIL is 80 years old & looking SO GOOD!!!!

*ok.... this is a doozy... be prepared... we're still not over this - but it really needs to be noted - AND for others to be made aware.  I am grateful that OZZIE IS ALIVE!! No joke... this was terrifying!!!

Last week, I was walking on the treadmill - got done & came upstairs & didnt see Ozzie. I asked Hubby where he was & he said, I saw him a little bit ago, he's probably running outside. I didnt think anything of it.... 10 minutes goes by & I still havent seen him. OK, that's not like him.... I tell Hubby to help me find him & we start yelling for him. Nothing.  Hubby runs outside & I hear him SCREAMING....

Ozzie is lying lifeless on the ground behind the AC unit...


He must have found it in a garbage can somewhere & was trying to get the crumbs.  The bag was going in & out where he was breathing - but he was motionless.

Hubby ripped the bag off & Oz's poor little face & chest was DRENCHED in sweat... he was stunned & acted confused.  I got him up & got him in front of a fan & tried to get him to drink water.  It took about 15 minutes of coaxing to get him to drink.  About 30 minutes later, he was totally back to normal... but OH MY WORD. I know if it were minutes later when we found him, he would have suffocated.

W were shook up all night long.  Oz was totally fine - wanting to play & do life as normal.

Needless to say, no more bags in our garbage. Every empty container - it now gets cut down the side to open it up so it doesnt get stuck on anyone's head!! 

All I could think about was, "What if this happened while we werent home???" - my heart shutters at the thought.

This dog... keeping us on our toes.

But seriously - be aware of this if you have pets in  your home too. If you look it up, its actually common - which just makes me want to cry.  A lot of people dont have a good outcome. 

So after that horrible story - tell me something good...
What good things are going on in your world this week?

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