Thursday, July 29, 2021

Thankful Thursday #319


Joining with Leslie at Once Upon a time & Happily Ever After & Jennifer from Overflowing with Thankfulness to host all the gratitude.  Where we find joy in the every day & little things.

                                                     This week I am Thankful for:

Empty Office
If we have to be back, I'm so glad that 85% of our floor is still working from home. One would think you could be jealous (maybe a little) but honestly, if I HAVE to be in, I'm glad everyone else is not.  It makes the floor so quiet - keeps the kitchen empty (which  is small to begin with) - keeps the line short to the microwave - & the best part, keeps the bathroom empty. #priorities  I hope they keep everyone else at home as long as possible.  

Treat Pouch
My coworker who is amazing behind the sewing machine has come up with the coolest creation for Hubby.  He can clip this onto his pants & put dog treats in it for when he's working with them to train, or even to go on walks.  Hubby says he's going to use it at work to put his OWN treats in it - LOL - hey, whatever works!

Humidity Break
Its back this week.... ughhhh... but last week, it was really a nice break in that type of air that you feel like you cant inhale.  We're half way through summer so its exciting to get a few days where you dont have to worry about breaking out in an instant sweat when your skin touches the air.

Time with Family
I so enjoyed seeing my aunt & my cousins this weekend.  I honestly can sit & listen to my aunt tell stories all day long. She can read the dictionary & make it interesting. & my baby cousin (who is in her 30's BTW - always my baby cousin though), I just love seeing her.  When she was born, I was in middle school & I was so excited to get to the hospital the moment she was born. I just took her as my own little baby doll. Love that lady!

Empty Grocery
It really is the little things... but man, I really get thankful when the grocery store is empty & I dont have to dodge a dozen people with baskets down an aisle or even worse, wait in line for 30 minutes to check out. #firstworldproblem (I know)

Harvey Dent 8 years old
Our big love bug is 8 years old. He is our biggest dog, & our biggest baby. He just wants to be held & will snuggle with you all night long & not move & is just the best boy.  I cant believe he's 8.  I feel like we just got him a year or two ago.  

Play time on Harvey's birthday... I GOT ALL 4 DOGS IN HERE!!!!

Tell me something good about your week!    

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