Wednesday, July 07, 2021

The weekend that had an extra day

Cant we all agree that we love 3 day weekends?

Why cant that be a real thing? We can dream, cant we?

The 4th of July weekend started off just wonderful down here with a break in the weather.  We came out of a week of rain & humidity that was ridiculous & after that rolled through, Friday evening & Saturday, it just felt GLORIOUS!  I honestly marked it in my planner to just spend all the time outside & reading as much as I could. Good weather gives me all the reading push I need.

I was able to finish this one up Friday night....

Show Us Your Books are up next week!!!

... as you can see, Ernie Walker was loving the outside air too & sitting out with me. All the dogs were actually.

Saturday, I started off by making some little pancakes & watching some Wimbledon. I love this season.  Makes my tennis loving heart so happy!

I did the usual Saturday stuff - laundry, dusting, cleaning .... & then assume the position of beautiful day reading!!!

I got super lucky that the book we're reading this month for our book club was online at the library & I downloaded it & got to it - not expecting to be totally sucked in - I'll talk more about it next week in the book post - but I think its my favorite book of the year. I finished it in under 24 hours - couldnt put it down!

Sunday, Happy 4th of July.  We didn't have any plans & the heat was coming back in... nothing exciting happened. The highlight of the day was I went to Target like at 10am & it was lovely because no one was in there.  

I ran out & picked up some pizza for us & we had a Connect 4 war happening (I won for the record) - but it was about keeping the dogs from having heart attacks from fireworks going off everywhere.

Monday was super exciting for us because we found out Friday that our family was coming up in a last minute decisions to visit because they will soon be moving with a job promotion & they wont be as close to us any longer.  We are super bummed out about that because we are totally in love with these twins & will soon be having to make some trips down south to see them!

Alaina wanted to take the kids to the zoo for the first time & asked if we wanted to join along - well, OF COURSE.

It was so dang hot - summer came back - but no cares - it was worth it to see these little guys see the animals & just enjoy the day with them & their momma & daddy & their other grandparents.  If you're going to sweat, sweat with family - right?

Whew - it was rough... my skin was salty feeling like I ran a marathon by the time we left & headed to grab some lunch. 

But just  look at these faces....

We are just in love.

So how lucky have we been to see our 5 grandkiddos in the past 2 weeks!!!!  What a blessing that has been.

How was your 4th of July?

Have you been to the zoo lately?

Does it feel like life is getting back to normal for you?

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