Tuesday, July 06, 2021

One Sentence a Day (June 2021)


I know... no weekend post yet - but that's OK - its the first Tuesday of the month so putting this up  & I'll do my long weekend recap tomorrow! Hope you all had a great Holiday weekend!

1 - Tues / I honestly wrote Monday on everything for work all day long #holidayweekendmessesmeup

2 - Wed / Rainy day #makesmesleepy

3 - Thurs / My coffee bar got in!!! #timetodecorate

4 - Fri / Honestly, the cicadas are so loud, you cant even stay outside long #thenoise #myears

5 - Sat / It  may have taken us hours to get there & get home, but having Bonnie & Clyde's pizza is so worth it #THEBESTPIZZA

6 - Sun / Rainy, days & Sundays are good reading weather #finishedbook15 #halfwaythroughgoal

7 - Mon / Back to the Endodontist & he's giving me another month before he digs back into this tooth.... again #pleaseletitheal

8 - Tues / Dropped mom's things off at the rehab center she's at now #couldntgoin

9 - Wed / The air is so thick with humidity, I honestly walk outside to take Zoe out & instantly sweat. #Ewww

10 - Thurs / National Iced Tea Day!!!! #SweetTeaPlease

11 - Fri / I was up all night long feeling sick to my stomach & just anxiety attacks so I was dragging all day long #longday

12 - Sat / Operation organize bedroom! #feelsfresh&clean

13 - Sun / I was so excited to run into a friend at Target & find out I'm not alone in the way I've been feeling about church lately #where2ormoregather #eveninTarget

14 - Mon / Of course I pull my low back  muscle from working out #fallingapart

15 - Tues /  HAIR DAY! #treatyoself

16 - Wed / Went to pick mom up from rehab #fingerscrossed

17 - Thurs / Pulled my back so bad that I am just miserable #hurtstomove

18 - Fri / My TimeHop made me choke up when I saw it was the last Father's Day I had with dad 4 years before #canbelieveitsbeenthatlong

19 - Sat / Enjoyed the morning breakfast date with Hubby right before I locked my keys in the car #didnthavetowaitlong

20 - Sun /  Father's Day looks so different for me now 

21 - Mon / I got sucked into Amazon Prime Day! #cantwaitforthebox

22 - Tues / I just want every day of summer to feel like days like this when we get a break in humidity #feltAMAZING

23 - Wed / I gave up on yet another book that was just not holding my interest #ReadingRut

24 - Thurs /  Got my Cold Brew Maker from Amazon Prime day & put it to work immediately #LOVEIT

25 - Fri / Mom on her 5th 911 call for the year & back in the hospital after only being home for 8 days 

26 - Sat / Cant believe how big the boys are getting & how much they've grown since we saw them last #IAmtheSameAge #Right?

27 - Sun / Enjoyed a relaxing lazy Sunday with everyone but had to grab some family pics while everyone is here #capturethemoments

Vincent genes are strong in these people!

28 - Mon / My dogs slept all day long! #RecoveryingFromKiddos

29 - Tues / I was so busy at work that I didnt even know I missed lunch until I saw it was 3pm #thatkindaday

30 - Wed / & just like that, a half of the year is already over #HOW?

Tell me something good about your June!

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