Thursday, July 08, 2021

Well, this got long winded

 Happy Thursday!

Hope y'all are doing good & not getting slammed with the heat. Summer is showing off at this point by bringing on the heat.    Hubby keeps reminding me that we'll be talking about fall in less than 2 months, which is kind of mind boggling because we all know how fast 2 months can zoom by us.

So what you're seeing is not a Thankful Thursday... is that messing you up? Because its messing me up a little bit.

I think I mentioned last week how I feel like I've been saying the same things over & over lately - & I think that's where I've been in a lot of my days lately - just in a rut.

My anxiety & stress overload has been on full throttle lately with some things going on with mom & her future care, with all my dental issues & all the work that is going to be happening in this little mouth o'mine (Hubby will laugh at that line), thinking about some future decisions with life getting back to normal, & life is really going to change in the next few weeks because....... 

.... we got the call... or email, however you want to look at it....

We'll be heading back in the office soon. Like this month soon. 

I really do think it's going to be hard on me to change my schedule I've gotten used to the past year & a half... as well as the dog's schedule. Poor Ozzie has never had a day where he's been alone for more than a few hours.  But I also think there are benefits to going back to work - like a routine - a schedule. I like that kind of thing. Always have.  

It will be nice to see actual human beings too.  Hubby & I were talking just this past week about how different its been for me not to be social all this time.  It really has effected me to not be so active in the community & have conversations with people.  It will be nice to have that again.

I  wish it didn't mean I was going to lose time though. 

 I thought about it the other day & figured it will be about a good 2.5 hours of wasted time a day. That's a lot.  That's over 12 hours at the end of the work week of wasted time.... time driving to & from work. Longer time if there's traffic.  Lunch time has been productive while I've been home with either laundry, cleaning, working out, running errands.  Now, it will be just stepping away from a desk (or even eating at my desk) & basically wasting an hour  when we're back in the office.  & then all those things I was doing at lunch will have to be rushed to be taken care of when I get home at home.  .... I get very overwhelmed thinking about it all actually. 

All of this long winded talk to say, the next few weeks - I'm not sure how my blog is going to look.  I'm going to try & keep it up as much as usual.  But I know when I get back into the office, I have to learn my new schedule of blogging.  I had to do that when I got a new job nearly 4 years ago - I had to do it when I started working from home - I'm going to do it again.

So the link ups on Thursday, they probably wont be around the next few weeks. & honestly, I may continue Thankful Thursday but may not include the link up... I hope the few of you that join me all the time, you'll still post your gratitude on Thursdays... & if any of you want to pick up the link up, please feel free.  

I just know over the next few weeks/month, I am going to let go of making sure I get a post in just so I can get the link up posted... its the little pressures right now that I can mark off of my anxiety list.  Because goodness knows - that list is LONG right not.

One thing I can promise you -I'm not going away... I've been here way too long.  I'm just saying I may be on/off for the next few weeks. ... but heck, hasn't everyone & everything been on/off for the past year & a half?  If you havent... please share your secret.

So Happy Thursday everyone!... I am THANKFUL for you sticking here for all the past time together, sharing life with one another.  

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