Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Show Us Your Books {July 2021}


Sumer time reading!!! 
Had a really good one, some I couldnt even get through & my favorite book of the year so far!

Let's dive  into this.

The Last Thing He Told Me
**** / Really Liked It

Quick Summary:  A woman's husband leaves her a note that only says PROTECT HER after the company he works for is busted by the FBI & he disappears.  Hannah now is looking to find truth about her husband & protecting her step daughter who hasn't accepter her step mother through the years.

This is my Book of the Month from last month & I was really happy with this book. It read really fast & the story took some twists & turns I wasn't expecting. I really enjoyed the characters & how the story plays  out.

“This is the thing about good and evil. They aren't so far apart - and they often start from the same valiant place of wanting something to be different.”

The Book of Longings

Quick Summary:  We meet Ana who is Jesus wife. A young lady who is betroved to a man she does not want to marry & runs across a 18 year old Jesus who she moves with after she feels like he understands things in an enriched way.

I honestly didnt finish it. I wanted to. My friend Nathalie sent me this book after she enjoyed it so much. I wanted  to enjoy it. I think I just had a hard time wrapping my mind around a love story with Jesus. Plus, to me, it started off slow. Learning about Ana & the family she came from & the cruel way her mother treats her.  

Probably didnt help that I just wasnt in the mood for the writing. It just seemed over the top to me - like someone was writing a Pulitzer prize winning book with long 10-letter words & names that I couldnt keep up with.  It was giving me such anxiety trying to re-read some sentences over & over to try & comprehend it. 

I gave it my test of reading the first 100 pages & if I wasn't into it, I'd walk away - which is what I did.

I did just borrow the audio book from the library - so maybe I'll try listening to it instead & see how it goes because I do know a lot of people who really enjoy the book. I'll update this if I change my mind.  Or even finish.

"All my life, longings lived inside me, rising up like nocturnes to wail and sing through the night. That my husband bent his heart to mine on our thin straw mat and listened was the kindness I most loved in him. What he heard was my life begging to be born.”

(See this quote... I have to re-read these things to grasp it - call me dumb. Because I feel dumb when writing seems over my head)

Pretty Girls

Quick Summary:  20 years ago, Julia disappears & now another girl is missing, making her sisters feel like its connected.

OK  - I just wasn't in the mood.  I was in this book for nearly 2 weeks & still not even a quarter of the way, so I said, nope - I'll come back to it later.  It was just too much for me from the get-go.  Something about it just felt icky & the writing was confusing on the POV characters & how they connected.  When I figured it out, I didnt even care.

I saw a friend of mine reviewed it with this comment "If you like creeptastic bad guys, read this. But I'm warning you, this one is especially vile, and the evils committed are gruesome" & that makes a lot of sense & how I felt. Just not in the mood for this sort of writing.

Maybe I'll come back to it down the road. Its been on my Kindle since 2017 anyways  - LOL

Malibu Rising
** / It was OK

Quick Summary:  A group of siblings are having their infamous annual party & building up to the party, we see each of their stories & a glimpse at how they each got to where they are.

I really used to enjoy this author but with each new book she puts out, I'm getting less impressed.  

I started out really enjoying this book & heard from  a lot of people they  didnt like it - I thought I was going to be  the one out that looked at it different. Nope. About half way through the book, it just got so .... boring. Building up to the party, it was interesting to me as we heard more of the family's back story & I enjoyed that.  We get to the party & there's so many characters & so many story lines & all of it was just not holding any of my interest.

The end didnt really toss me over the edge  - it was ok - so at least I didnt give it a bomb of a rating.

Would I recommend - nah - save your time.

"She was a woman after all. Living in a world created by men. And she had long known that assholes protect their own. They are faithful to no one but surprisingly protective of each other."

The One
***** / It was Amazing

Quick Summary:  Follow 5 stories of people who take the new genetic test to give you your perfect match for a relationship

I was here for this book.  I devoured it. Couldnt put it down. It alters between the same 5 characters & at different times, each one of them had such big surprise stories happening, I couldnt wait to get back to their story again - but none of the characters were boring. I was so into each of the stories.

The break in characters gave it a different sort of life too in reading.  Made it interesting & kept the story flowing really well.

It gave some really interesting thought too on what happens when DNA/genetic tests are brought into a world & how it effects the way the world works.

This really has been my favorite read of the year.

"Everyone knows I wear the pants in the relationship"
"You do wear them honey, but ask yourself who buys them for you"

Life According to Steph

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