Thursday, December 08, 2022

We have an escape artist in the family

 Hello everyone!

Happy Thursday!

How is it in our world... still gloomy, cold & still misty. Its moments like this, I feel like the sun doesnt exist anymore.  Its not in our future either for a while. So depressing.

How did my Wednesday go? .... well, I got a phone call while I was driving home after visiting with my mom. "YOU DID IT TOO" - HUH?

Back up till Monday where I look on our camera at home & see Ozzie is laying on our new living room couch! The couch that we keep a gate up during the day to prevent dogs getting on it - or much less destroying it. 

Nope - the little 2 year old boy was running on it, laying on it, scratching pillows.... I called Ricky & he said he ran back into the house & Ozzie must have slid by him & he not notice when he put the gate up. Ozzie is notorious for sliding in behind you. He's been locked in my library many times because he really does stay on your heels & you dont notice how slick he is getting in a room.

So when Ricky got home yesterday & found him on the OTHER side of the gate again - I knew something was up.

When I leave in the morning, I give the dogs their "snacky snack" - its an official word - that has a song I sing with it. The dogs know the word - they KNOW the song & they know its Snacky Snack time.  But they sit & wait for the command to get their food when I walk out the door. 

Ozzie does not miss Snacky Snack time. Trust & believe!

So I KNOW he was eating when I walked out the door yesterday.

Thank God for Ring cameras.... reverse the time .... & here we go... 

This little dude is getting over the fence.

& we watched & he apparently went back to the bedroom & went back to bed. Was back in the bedroom for 2 hours. He wants a snuggly bed I guess.

Funny thing is, he can't seem to know how to get BACK over to go outside. So he is freaking out & whining when we get home. 

....& this morning - I've set up a chair to prevent him doing it - Do you know, he is still trying to work around it.

I'll be watching the cameras all day to yell at him if he keeps on. 

This little booger!

What else is going on....

Watching... anyone else watch the finale of The Amazing Race? I wont give any spoilers in case you have it recorded but I was excited about it. I loved the final 3 & love when I just dont care who wins because they all seem like good people. & the final leg was in Nashville. So constant scenes where I was like, Been there - seen that.

Mom update:  ... they're still working with her & trying to get her up more - but they STILL dont have her back brace in. Why is this so hard? I can order one off Amazon & have it here in 2 days if they need me too.

Another package ... I got my Vitamin D in.  I've been doing great at taking my Vitamin D every day - need it ESPECIALLY in this weather.  Everyone is low in it it seems but little ole vitamin deficient me - it was like non-existent last time they tested it. I'm curious what taking it every day for a year has done.


So how was your Wednesday?

Do you watch The Amazing Race?

What can I do besides build a door to keep Ozzie from jumping the fence?

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