Tuesday, December 13, 2022

Well, dont go to an ENT for vertigo

 Latest in the doctor saga of my life....

As I've mentioned, I've had vertigo kick in full force in September.  It stayed so bad all the way in October, I saw my neurologist about it... along with some headaches.  He sent me to Physical Therapy & told me to go to an ENT to have them check my ears for issues.

That was a quick recap... didnt I spent a whole post talking about that. I'm so long winded sometimes I guess.

BUT... in the meanwhile, in October, I never got the referral for the ENT.  

After the MRI of my head came back OK, I got in touch again about the referral & got one. Only to get an appointment pushed out a few weeks. I was originally scheduled a week & a half ago.... but the day of my appointment, they called me & said, "Ohhh - funny thing - they scheduled you at an office that doesnt have the audio machine they need"

What the....

So they rescheduled me again to a different location.... which I went yesterday.

The only "machine" they really used on me was to test my hearing - which just ask Ricky - he'll tell you I cant hear diddly squat.

... & the machine confirmed it.  I am closing in on total deaf for high frequency noises.  

I wondered because I cant ever hear our house alarm when it goes off beeping, giving the 60 second warning to turn it off. Nope - I carry on my merry way out in the yard with Zoe while Ricky is running dashingly to turn off the alarm before it calls the police.  I literally dont hear a thing.

They said its probably from working around loud noises.
I'm sure my coworkers in OFFICES are offended. How loud can that be? 

I will admit, I do wear my earbuds up high - but because I CANT HEAR... not as a headbanging child of the 80's (which I am)... but seriously, I've never been one to crank up the noise.

I do remember one time, we went to a concert...I think it was a KISS concert... it was in the late 90's (OMG - I sound so old!) & Ricky & I could hear ringing in our ears for daysssss after. It was miserable. Ever since then, I've been the old hag who wears earbuds to concerts. I actually enjoy it better - it takes the hum noise out & makes the voices clearer. 

See! told you!

... & not like I've been to a concert in like ... how many years?

Its either ear damage from that... or from the ear infections I've had in my life.


For fun, I also live with ringing in my ears constantly.  Which he said is a symptom of high frequency hearing loss. Huh - who knew?... ringing in the ears is also a symptom of extreme anemia - which, HELLO? Hi! Me!... double whammy I guess.

Vertigo... we are hear to discuss vertigo.... here's this long winded thing again.

& what did they do? The same flipping me upside down move to look at my eyes to see if they wobble & shake & rattle & roll...

& they didn't.

Because I've been doing a little better over the 3 MONTHS!

So what happened... the doctor came in & said, Well, we dont see any sign of vertigo so there's nothing we can do.... If you did, we can do a maneuver that would help.

You mean the one I've been DOING in Physical Therapy for the past 2 months? Yep...

So you're telling me, I just threw about $250.00 down the toilet? ... absolutely....

What a waste. 

He told me, "I'll put you on my "Stand by" list & if it happens again, call us & we'll get you in"

I wanted to say - to which location? The wrong one?

Instead, I was a classy gal & said, "Sorry I wasted your time"... & yes, it had a snarky tone - but it also held truth. I should have made it more accurate by saying "sorry I wasted MY time"

... geez... I'm pretty sure my head was spinning with rage when I was talking about.

Note to self... dont bother with an ENT again.

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