Wednesday, December 21, 2022

Reading - 2022 Edition & a sneak peel of my Reading planner for 2023

 Another year of books in the... well. books.

Here's just a little highlight of my year thanks to Goodreads.

It's crazy because I feel like 45 books is a lot & I'm so proud of that. I set a goal of 40 books for the year.  & then I see some people have HUNDREDSSSSS of books for the year. But this is the reminder... YOU DO YOU! I've seen other people work HARD to get 12 books in for the year - one a month.  Everyone has different time to dedicate to reading - different lifestyles - different enjoyment for books. So there's no right or wrong number for the year! ... I think I'm going to keep my goal at 40 for 2023 so the pressure isnt there to make me not enjoy reading.

My Evil Mother... makes me think of the quote "Though she is little, she is fierce" ... this is a short 32 page book but my goodness, it really hit me in the feels. I loved it so much! ...

& Midnight Sun? Whew - felt like FOREVER!!!!! Its the telling of the Twilight story in Edward's side. It was interesting - but geez, even Twilight wasn't hardly over 200 pages!

Glad I finally got to Vanishing Half... & surprised more people haven't picked up The Christmas Cupid for a fast easy holiday read.

... and apparently I'm a tough critic. I really dont give 5 Stars too often. I really should give them more - show some grace. I save it for the one books that just whip me off my feet. I shouldnt really do that... those dont come around often.

And the books I read....

Always in December... cue the tears.

Reminders of Him... read at the beginning of 2022 - when did Colleen Hoover become the crazy MUST read author. Her books are on 60% of the Bookstagram posts daily now I see.

After I do... there's one that got 5 stars. I just loved that book!

I really enjoyed Darling Girl too & the Peter Pan spin take with the story.

Alot of good ones on this one.

Maybe You Should Talk to Someone... this may be in the top of my favoite book of the year. I literally SOBBED in parts of this book. & got some really good life lessons with it too.

Every Summer After... ADORED! Gave me such feelings of being a young girl crushing on the summer love.

The Younger Wife... I couldnt put it down

The Mother In Law - same! These two books really made me love Sally Hepworth so much

American Royals - how am I JUST now getting to these stories? Love a royalty theme!

& finishing up the year - more good ones.

I loved Daisy Darker... Alice Feeney is just so good at the creepy surprises.

Other Birds - read it for a book club & would have never picked it up but I was just enchanted with it. 

Have you read any of these?

What is your favorite book of 2022?

Are you setting a book goal for 2023?

... & I realllly gotta show you the Book Planner I have for 2023. 

Sneak peek - if you want to take a look...

Click pic for planner site

Its sold out... they sell out fast & you have to preorder it like in October. & they dont get delivered till December. Its worth it - this planner is INCREDIBLE if you are a reader.  I'm going to use it strickly for reading / books / quotes.  So excited about all the little extras this planner has - book challenges, ratings, Alphabet challenges...check it out!

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