Monday, December 05, 2022

Appliances 3... Vincent's 0

 Happy Monday everyone!

Yep - I'm here like I've been blogging normally for months now. Trying to force this habit.  Especially since I have my new home office & a big ole monitor - I'm putting it to good use.  

How was everyone's weekend?  Mine... a lot of happenings! A LOT!

Friday - my mom got moved to a rehab center. Wait - let me back up.  Wednesday she ended up going to the ER, which was QUITE the nightmare. I went up to go check on her when they told us she was coming home but yet, she couldnt sit up. HUH? How was she even supposed to get in my car? 

I'll just give you a little hint of how it went - the nurses yelling at my mom, my mom yelling at me, me yelling at the nurses AND my mom... all in the middle of a hallway because that's where she was laying because the whole world apparently has the flu & is in the ER.  They even had the waiting room transformed to a triage center. Sure - let me, the germaphobe, have to sit in the hallway with people coughing & throwing up everywhere. I'm pretty sure I have died & I am in hell at this point.

Anyways - I finally got a nurse & a doctor to listen to me & they kept mom for observation & she's now in a rehab trying to work on her back & leg issues.  

So that's where I spent my Friday...

Mom got in a private room & its HUGE!!! & so comfortable
She's really happy this time having some privacy

We also got a new oven & microwave delivered Friday.  ... only to have the microwave not be able to be installed because of venting issues... & the oven was delivered without any covering on the top of the glass & it had scratches etched DEEP into the glass. 

My brother who works with dents & dings at Ford even said he has no idea how those scratches could even occur.  Luck - its called My Luck.

All those white "specks"...they are deep grooves in the glass. HOW?

Saturday, we took the microwave back & they wouldnt give us the Install fee we paid because they needed proof from the delivery guy that they didnt install it.

.... I'm no genius... but we're RETURNING the microwave. I can pretty much guarantee they didnt install it. Sigh.  I have to call today to see if the delivery person "put it in the system" to get the refund. Seriously?

We ended up just buying a hood to go over the new oven.  & let me remind you, I have the equivalent of two broken arms.  Poor Ricky. God bless my husband.  He had to hold it up there & basically do everything himself.  It was tough. It was rough.  It was many chose words.  

... & in the end, we ended up with a ding on it. I can't be too mad. I saw the struggle with him putting it in.  

My brother asked me if we were going to take it down & get a replacement. I told him that oven hood nearly caused a divorce & I will not put my marriage in the hands of a second hood. It is what is is. Dinged & messed up - its the perfect story of my life & I'll live with it.

So if you're keeping record. 3 new appliances ... all 3, issues & troubles. . 

I did call Home Depot about the oven & they are going to give me an option of a replacement, a refund & return, or a discount. Ricky says if its a BIG discount, we'll deal with the scratches. If its not a decent amount to make it a bargain, then we're getting a new one.  & my kitchen will say in shambles with pans laying on my kitchen table instead of the bottom drawer for another week.

What else happened this weekend....

Friday, I stopped at the library & picked up a LOAD of Christmas books.

God bless the library

Over at Everyday Reading, they have a Christmas Reading Advent coloring page where you are supposed to read a Christmas book a night & color in the page. SO WHAT its meant for Children - I'm a kid at heart - & I'm enjoying it.

I got books of all ages. Kids, young adults, adults - I actually like kids books for Christmas. They're fast reads & have good messages. I read one by Richard Paul Evans that choked me up... another one, ticked me off. 

Look at this ... body shaming a penguin? I'm not down for this.

& it had wolves in it ready to EAT the penguins... NOPE! & they turned out to be country hick wolves?? Where Penguins live? Dumb. 

Look at me being so judgy on a kid's book.

& side note -I put books on hold & took books that had multiple copies so I didnt take all the kids books at Christmas to ruin little one's holidays. 

On the Shopping front... what got delivered this weekend?

These couch arm covers... because trying to keep our new couch not being taken over by the dogs. We put it on & the dogs havent even cared to drap themselves over the edge. SUCCESS!

Click Pic for link

Speaking of dogs... I've been seeing this scraper for awhile & wanted to try it. A new rug & new couch made the perfect excuse to try it.

Click on pic for link

HOLY COW - this thing grips HARD getting the hair up. I used it on my basement stairs & it pulls up everything!!!! I'm too afraid to use it on my new couch just yet because its SUPER grippy. But I'll use it on pillows & my rugs for now.

What did I watch this weekend....

I finished up Wednesday.  

I love the little take of the Adam's family on it & glad they left it open for more episodes in the future.

I need to get started on Firefly Lane & Dead to Me.... as well as the Great Britan Bakeoff~

& just for fun...let's end the day on a funny!

How was your weekend?

What are you binging lately on Netflix?

Do you have scratches on your glass top oven?

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