Tuesday, January 01, 2008


Here we go into a new year. Why does January 1st always bring on such thoughts of new beginnings? Shouldnt' every day be like that? I guess its the number 1 seen twice (01/01/whatever) that might strike a cord.

We got to ring in the new year with friends, playing games, laughing & enjoying each other - can I note - I LOVE to win! Thanks Lynn & Mickey for letting us come over to celebrate the new year!

Now - resolutions. How many people do the same one of "I want to loose blah-blah pounds" - yeah, that would be nice - but more importantly, I want to get healthy. I hit 161 classes at Jazzercise this past year - I want to strive to hit 200 classes! I want to be able to get more in shape. With that in mind - I want to eat healthier too & that starts with drinking less soft drinks & drinking more water. I love my diet soft drinks - Diet Big Red especially & Diet Coke is my morning coffee. But have you seen the reports of all the things you can do with Diet Coke - including cleaning the toilet? You know that's not good stuff in your gut if it can clean porclein & gunk off of it. Water is going to be more my choice. I cant give up soft drinks 100% because I do need my caffeine, but I will cut back major!

And on the eating healthy - my biggest resolution is to cook more! For those of you that know me - you are probably gasping as you read that! And to start it off - I cooked breakfast (Awesome breakfast burritos & hash browns - it was really good! - And I'm getting ready to cook dinner - some chili! - Look at me!) Its always been hard to cook since its mainly just me & Ricky at home & to cook for two people has always just not made sense. But now, with Ricky & his new job - he needs leftovers so it works out well. I'm even getting a receipe a day sent to my email for ideas! If anyone has any great recipes that are quick & EASY - please, let me know!

On the knitting side - I want to try new projects - sweaters, more elaborate socks, things I've been afraid to try - LACE! That's my biggest thing I want to do (Kristen, I may be getting ahold of you for help!) So many possiblites can come with 2 needles & a skein of yarn - its amazing! I'm anxious to see what is created off of my needles - you may see me so excited, I may be wearing a sweater in the middle of summer!

I also want to get back into my reading more. I was usually getting through a book a week & lately, its been about a book a month. I need to pick it up. I did just get a whole series of Debbie Macomber books too so I'm ready to kick off my reading.

And then, speaking of reading - I'm also resolving to do my devotionals. I am not going to read through the Bible again in a year - I've done it a few times & I just am not getting anything out of it like I should. So I found a great devotional Bible that has 12 30-month plans. For instance - one month is a devotional on Psalms, another month on Proverbs - another on the teachings of Jesus - it breaks it up to different catagories so each month is something new but it also takes you through the Bible - I'm excited about it!

And that bring me to a resolution that takes me back to the beginning - to get closer to God - to learn more & to be more like Jesus. Just like I said - why cant new beginnings start each day? When it comes to the relationship between God & yourself - we have that opportunity to start fresh each day (Praise the Lord!) I'm excited to see where God leads me this year & the opportunites He gives me to share more of Him - that's what its all about anyways. No other resolution compares. After all, weight, cooking, fitness, reading, even kniting - none of that stuff truly matters in the end - the relationship you have with God - its all counts!

So I pray that everyone seeks & finds what they need in their relationship with God - to know His love for them & to see where God takes them in the next year! HAPPY 2008 EVERYONE!


  1. I have faith in your ability to do lace. :) It's really not hard, just focus on one repeat at a time.

    A quick recipe I do that is good for winter months: Combine some rotisserie chicken (I pick up leg quarters at the local grocery), diced onion, diced green pepper, cream of chicken soup, and cream of mushroom soup with some pre-cooked pasta of your choice. Throw it in a casserole dish and top with cheese. Cook about 45 minutes and enjoy. It only takes about 20 minutes to mix everything up and you can get in some knitting while it bakes.


  3. Wow, girl, you are going to be one busy busy bee in 2008 to meet all those goals! Don't forget to take some time to rest and take some time for yourself every once in a while.

    As for some quick recipes - check out Rachael Ray's recipes (many are 30 min or less start to finish) http://www.rachaelrayshow.com/food/. I use 3-4 of her recipes a week. Even with the baby I'm still cooking dinner for just the two of us nearly every night. You can always freeze most leftovers too and fix them again the next week to break it up. Also, here is Joe's online cook book (I'll tell him to send you an invite)

    Good luck this year. You'll do great!

  4. AH... recipes! You knit and I cook... we can teach each other! Here is an easy dish....

    Take two boneless chicken breasts and season them with salt, pepper and garlic powder, then brown them on each side in some Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Put 1 1/2 cups of salsa of choice over the top and cover and simmer about 30 (40 if they are large) minutes. Serve over steamed or spanish rice with a salad or veggie. Very tasty!

  5. Does this mean I have to go to the grocery now?


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