Friday, January 18, 2008

Biblical Thought for the Day

I'm going to back track from the beginning here & tell you - I have ALWAYS loved nose piercings! Weird? I don't know why - but I just think they are cute. Now, I'm NOT talking about the kind that have chains from your nose that drape to your ear or anything like a bull ring shooting through your nose - just a cute little diamond stud - I think its cute. I had a friend in high school that had one & it looked adorable - & even now, Amber has one that just looks so cute - just that cute little stud. I had that conversation with some friends just the other day that I would love to still get one - don't know how cute it would be anymore with a woman in her 30's - but I can still dream that I'm young.

Getting to the Biblical part....this week, my study is on Rebekah (love the name!) & I'm reading where the servant has found her to be the answer to the prayers he had given to find a wife for Isaac. To make a long story short - she's the one & what does he say to her in Genesis 24:47....none other than, "Then I put a ring in her nose & a bracelet on her arms..." - WHAT? They wore rings in their noses! Nose piercings even then!! I got looks talking to my friends about wanting a nose piercing! Now, I can tell them its Biblical! Where's the closest piercing palor? (Is that what they're even called? - I'm old!) And by the way, a nose piercing is again mentioned in Ezekial 16:12!
The study was pretty neat though because it talked about how men wore earrings & had long hair & of course I thought of my husband & thought he's on track with the men of the ole' Bible himself! I should join right along & get that piercing!
The study was much more than that though - it talked about how the importants of Jewels in God's eyes are & also how we enjoy the beauty of wearing such things - but its got to be more about the beauty on the inside, not the outside. When you clasp that necklace around your neck, you should also clasp a sweet spirit onto your attitiude. The jewels you wear wont truly make a difference in your attitude - the beauty in your spirit will.


  1. My only problem with a nose piercing is my allergies -- I would seriously hurt myself with one!

  2. Okay.... so in the old testament they also circumcised grown men... I guess that we could go back to that as well??!!!

    Only kidding... if you want your nose pierced, then I say go for it, it is your nose! But I'd wait until spring... with all the kleenex you've had up to your nose over the past couple of months, no one with notice it right now anyway!!!!

  3. Hey, I have been thinking of having my eyebrow pierced again...maybe we could go together!!

  4. I just wanted to say that I agree with you that Amber's is really cute. It looks so tasteful and so dainty on her. (I don't think an earring in my nose would have that same effect, or I would get one, but if you or anyone else can pull the look off, I say go for it!)

  5. Hey, I'm with you! I'm actually thinking about getting my nose pierced for my 18th birthday...which is in August. So you could come with me and get yours done too!! :D

  6. Honestly...I'm surprised you've never had yours done!! I think it would be very cute on you!

  7. Hey! I just found your blog because I was looking for posts about noses and nose rings and sneezing and . . .its a looong story, anyway - I think this was just a precious post and you have an absolutely lovely blog!!! I'm going to bookmark it and keep coming back for more. Thanks so much and btw I'm totally with you, if I didn't think my boss would mind I would go get a nose stud tomorrow!

  8. Rebecca~
    I'm turning 50 and wanted to do something to commemerate this time in my life. It made me smile when I read your example from scripture. My family tells me I'm too old, but I'm going to be that old anyway and it is something that I have wanted to do for years.


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