Thursday, January 31, 2008

Biblical Thought for the Day

Isn't it funny how we want what WE want in this world?

I was reading about Rachel this week & her relationship with her love, Jacob & the other wife, who he was tricked into marrying, who happened to be Rachel's sister, Leah. (Jerry Springer has nothing on the stories of the Bible) Leah was having babies for her husband, which at the time made you an awesome wife if you could pop out those children - especially boys! Rachel was getting so frustrated & even lashed out at Jacob & said, "Give me children or I'll die!" (Genesis 30:1)

First, I love Jacob's reaction - he says to her - in a summed up version - "Woman, I'm not God!" Good answer! But after some time, Rachel does have a son, Joseph, but she's still behind on the baby count. Can you imagine the competition of the day? Today, women fight over having the best purse, or the smallest waist, or the perfect house - how times have changed. But Rachel did get pregnant again & ironically, the woman who once said she would die unless she had children - died giving birth to a child.

How many times does God just shake his head at us when we sit & cry & moan about things we want? Do you think God was like, "You want a child - OK - but here's what happens when its what you want & not what I want" ?? - or was it as God wanted - for her to die giving birth? There's another question I'll have when I get to Heaven! And I'll ask Rachel to - do you wish you didn't say you'd die without a baby? Would you do it again? Would you have tried so hard to have a baby if you knew the outcome? I'm going to need all eternity to get all my questions answered!

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