Monday, January 21, 2008

The Day after...

Oh, it finally happened - the trip to Phantom of the Opera! It was AMAZING! I just sat in awe half of the time, watching the scenes & asking, "How did they do that?" & sat & listened to those voices & asked again' How do they do that?" - what a talent those voices are! It was a fantastic day.

Lindsay, myself & Lynn & Carly met up & first headed to the yarn store - they just opened on Sunday so I was thrilled to take everyone there. Of course, Lindsay finds the $32 skein & wanted it - I think its a girl thing to be drawn to the most expensive thing in the store! The funny thing about the store, there was a little red headed girl that just adored Lindsay. Now, we just got out of the car after having a conversation with Lindsay & how she just isn't a "kid person" - she's never really been drawn to them, doesn't care for them, just can't connect to them. She said she just can't get into the "kid talk" - hey, when she was 4 years old - she talked like a 30 year old so I can see what she's talking about. But then we walk into this store & this little girl was just drawn to Lindsay. Me, Lynn & Carly laughed the whole time as we watched this little girl hug Lindsay, hold her hand, making her dance with her through the aisles. In the end - Lindsay enjoyed her time with this little one & was laughing about it. How many times do we put up a wall against something, sure we made our mind up that we don't want something or want to experience it - but God puts things in your way to see if you'll change your mind, or at least experience new things. Maybe if things like this happen more & more, Lindsay will feel differently about being a "kid person" - It'll be what God wants for her though, of that, I'm sure!

The dinner at Rocky's was yummy, the play was amazing - the company for the evening was wonderful - the ingredients for the best night! But you know - after all the anticipation of an event you wait for for so long, its so sad at the end of the night when it's all over. What's next? What can I be excited for now? I can remember my wedding day - talk about a great build up - all the planning, all the ideas, & then the wonderful event - then the next day, its like something's missing - what do you do with your time? It's a weird feeling. I do have my Casting Crowns though - yipee!!!

But I also have to note how my morning went - HOLY COW! Look at this - my clock in my office - the temperature is 40 degrees! I opened my door & my lights wouldnt even come on full force because it was so cold. Then my monitor on my computer wouldnt work - it's been a typical Monday. At least now, the icicles have thawed from my file cabinet!

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