Friday, January 25, 2008

How old am I?

I finally broke down yesterday - I went to the doctor about my ears. It only took 2 months & a trip to the Urgent Care Center to see I needed some more medical intervention. After all this time, after the meds they gave me at the UCC - they are STILL hurting. More irritating - they're still CLOGGED - I'm getting a little freaked out - feeling like I'm stuck in a tunnel or something. Closed spaces freak me out so I'm like stuck in my own "closed space" area in my head. I'm constantly chewing gum (which will probably lead me to the dentist for a cavity because I do like my gum with sugar), stretching my jaws to pop those ears or holding my nose & blowing - I've had some pretty attractive looks going on doing that all day long!

So needless to say, I see the doctor - he's going to try me on one more medicine - a 30 day supply of something - don't ask me - I'm not good at listening at doctor's appointments. I normally will even take a tape recorder because they could tell me, "Rebecca, you have 1 week to live" - & I'd walk out & think, "What did they just tell me?" - I'm bad, I know. But I did remember this - if these meds don't help after 30 days - we may be looking at getting tubes in my ears???? Tubes in MY ears - hold on - I'm an adult! I told Ricky - can you imagine all the kids lined up in the surgery prep area - 4 year olds, 5 year olds - & then me! I'm up for it if I can get a Disney Princess surgery gown. I wonder if they make those in adult sizes - its bad enough you butt hangs out of them - a child's size on me - SCARY!

Anyways - going to my Bible Study group last night, I found another ADULT women who had the same thing - she had tubes put in her ears a few years ago! She said her doctor told her that more & more adults are needing them! Who would have known? I'm still hoping if it happens - I want to be at Kosair with all the kids!

Ricky had to remind me : when we went to Disney World last - Belle was out signing autographs. All these little girls were in line to get her autograph - and right in the middle of that line - Yep, me jumping up & down with excitement! Ricky wouldn't even stand in line with me - he was a little embarassed. That was some of the best conversations I had with kids. I kept asking them, "Do you see Belle?" "Are we going to meet Belle?" "Are you so excited?" - the kids didn't see me as a grown up - just another fan! And I did make Ricky come over & take my picture with Belle. She was adorable too - she looked at me & laughed (I had Belle pins all over me - a Beauty & The Beast hat on) - I told her I loved her (it was all so much fun) & she just stayed in such good character - no matter how hard I tried to break her!

How old am I really? Next thing - I'll probably need my tonsils out!


  1. I had my tonsils out when I was 33 years old. It was a nightmare!

  2. My brother in law had tubes put in his ears last year and he's in his mid 30s. He did just fine and was very excited when it was over because his ears felt so much better.

  3. Christian was constantly sick the first year of his life with ear infections, and come to find out after I finally took him to the specialist that the infections had been so severe that it caused him to be almost completely deaf in one ear. He got tubes almost a year ago and, since then, he's barely been sick and his hearing, in both ears, has been fully restored! the way, I got my tonsils out when I was an adult, so don't feel bad :)


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