Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Some Knitting updates

So here are my socks that I finished last weekend. If you notice under my links - there is one called "Sock A Month" - & the goal is knit a pair of socks each month & then you get a cool letter by your name representing that month you do make socks. You dont HAVE to make one each month - but its a goal. Last year - I think I had 2 letters next to my name - how sad! So this year - my goal is at LEAST 6 - striving for 10. I already have the "J" for January! And I'm already working on my February pair - thank goodness its got a Leap Day in it - another knitting day for the month!

These socks were the first I bought that had Aloe & Jojoba Oil in them - AAHHH - I can't believe the difference in knitting with them. I've always been a fan of the Opal just because of the patterns that work up in that - but the feel of this & the colors are amazing! And then to put it on my foot - a little slice of Heaven on Earth! My next pair I'm working on - Yep - the same yarn brand. I'm liking the Aloe - I like it - A LOT!

And here is a picture of my poor Shrug that I was so looking forward to. For those have seen it in person - I always get that stare of HUH? That's suppose to be a 1X - exactly my thoughts! Here's Lindsay - who I mentioned before is like a size 3 - & it just fits her. It really looks cute on her too. I dont think I could diet every day of my life - no, forget diet - starve myself - never eat again & get down to a size 3. So needless to say, this shrug will be a give away. That's alright though - I like giving my stuff away as long as I know it'll be worn. Nothing worse than putting a lot of time & work & hand pain into something that someone's not going to appreciate. All those fellow knitters & crocheter's - you know what I'm saying!

Hopefully, I'll have my February socks done soon - & I've got to start looking at new Baby patterns for the new Rollins Baby - this baby is going to be swamped in knitted things from friends - That baby will never be cold - that's for sure!
I had to post this picture of my shrug too - it shows the fit a little bit better - but doesn't poor Lindsay look scared? Maybe because she thinks Sydney is going to eat her hand off? No - not my baby - she's just wanting Lindsay to pet her! (Lindsay's going to kill me for putting all her pics on here - but that's what she gets for being such a cute size 3 model!)

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