Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Blessed Sock!

When I got my Ambrosia yarn - I knew I had to make some beautiful socks - something with a pattern - something different. Looking online, I noticed that EVERYONE was doing the Monkey Sock & looking at how cute the pattern was, I thought - that's what I'll do too!

Well, I'm used to working with the HUGE balls of Opal or the big skeins that when you make some long socks, you still have a quarter of the skein left. The Ambrosia - a little different. I started the Monkey pattern & while the repeat calls for 6 before you start the heel, I thought, I better not push this yarn - there's not alot in one skein (& I had only bought 2 skeins). I just did a repeat of 4, did the heel & turn & started to work the rest of the sock. Oh my - I started getting nervous. I'm not even half way & I notice my yarn is looking awfully thin! I couldn't even make myself work the sock because I was afraid I was going to run out of yarn. And I HATE to "frog" anything (rip it out) but my fellow knitting friends told me - this yarn is too nice, you'll have to rip it out to make it again for your foot.

So what does a person do? Yes - I combined my 2 loves once again - God & my knitting! I started praying! Ricky was laughing at me because I kept telling him "God will multiply". This led to some interesting conversations between the two of us. Ricky said, "Isn't that a waste of a prayer?".....My response - is any prayer ever a waste? And then I ran across this verse:

"And pray in the Spirit on all occasions, with all kinds of prayers & requests" - Ephesians 6:18

HA - I showed Ricky that & said, "see - all kinds of prayers....that means Yarn too!"

Well, lo & behold....I finished my sock! With the one skein! It worked out perfectly - they fit like a glove & I just consider them my Blessed Socks now! (Notice in the picture - the extra yarn laying on the side - that was ALL that was left! Talk about getting your money's worth!)

Now, I think I would have survived & nothing horrible would have happened or I wouldn't have questioned God about not answering my prayers if I ran out of yarn - but it did make me happy to think that I can go to God over anything - even something as minuscule as making yarn multiply. Isn't that what God wants us to do? Come to him over anything? Let Him be involved in every aspect of our lives?

Even though it sounds weird or dumb to someone else - I was High-fiving God when my sock was finished! Thanking God for ALL the blessings in my life!

Now onto the matching sock!


  1. I totally agree!! I pray all the time about "Little" things. Was driving someplace the other day, and I needed to remember something for the way home, and hard as I tried, I could not remember. Then, just said a quick little prayer, and I turned my head, and I remembered. I don't have tons of scripture memorized either, but the Lord has given me verses when I needed them, that when I got home, I had to look up the reference. So He gives when His children need. Isn't our God good!!
    Thanks for sharing and blessing my day!

  2. Remember that lamb's wool/angora blend yarn that Joe bought me, that I made Isaac a baby hat and booties out of? I prayed and prayed as I was doing the crown shaping on that hat and when I ended, I had literally about 3 inches of yarn left.

  3. Hey, I just noticed that you added me to your sidebar. Thanks so much!

  4. Isn't it amazing how such a BIG GOD cares for even the little stuff!!!!


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