Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Happy Spiritual Birthday

Today is one year ago that me & my friend were baptized together. I'll never forget the date - it was 05/06/07. We had always talked together about the first time we were baptized & how many times we've failed in our Christian walk. We knew that God forgave us for things but we always said we would love to get baptized just as a sign to God that we were truly sorry & we wanted to do an outward sign to Him for that. Our goal was always to go to a river during the white water rafting trip our church put together & baptize each other. We never made that trip. When Steph got the news that time was running out for her, she wanted to go ahead & do this. She wasn't strong enough to baptize me & she also wanted her family with her to support her as she went into the water as she didn't have the strength to lean back & then pull herself back up, so we got to fill the baptismal up with people.

It was such a neat day with the whole church praying with Steph & then we got to go back & get ready for the baptism. Steph was weak & needed help getting ready, but we were still as giggly as school girls, laughing at the smallest things & just enjoying our friendship as we always did. We didn't sit & concentrate on how sad the situation could be - we just enjoyed each other & the sign we were giving to God & the acknowledgement that we would be together for eternity in the end.

When it was over with & we were back getting changed - I'll never forget it - she told me she was so glad that we were finally able to do this & she said "We'll remember this for the rest of our lives". That was 11 days before she passed away.

We were able to go out & celebrate with family & friends about the day & see so much joy in Steph's face - it was a great, bittersweet day.

So here we are a year later....


  1. This time of year will always be bittersweet for you and Steph's kids. And I already know that you will wholeheartedly focus on the sweet part! She meant so much to so many people - even those like me that didn't have a close relationship. And with the new mission at church - she'll continue to effect people all over the world. You along with her kids will continue to be a testament to her love, friendship and love of the Lord. Love you!

  2. I didn't know your friend, but isn't 2 Cor. 5:8 such a blessed reminder, that when we are absent from the body, we are present with our Lord!!!

  3. Suzanne - love that verse! It holds so much comfort for anyone who has had a loved one pass away - & makes it not so scary for when we leave these bodies behind!

  4. I will always remember that day... you two were so awesome in your witness...and you could feel the Spirit all over the day. You know... she didn't look as sick and tired in the water... you could see such a sense of peace about her. What she had is what we all strive for... a true relationship with Christ...minus all the worldly stuff!

  5. Lynn - I know exactly what you mean - I was trying to upload the video of it because Steph did have the look of peace on her face standing there. Its a great face of contentment - no fear! I'm going to try tonight to get that video posted - its very powerful!

  6. What an incrediable thing to have done together.


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