Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Too many projects?

I get so excited waiting for my Knitting magazines that I subscribe to. Why? The idea of MORE projects! Its not like I dont have a dozen sitting on needles waiting to be finished already, but its seeing what I can keep an eye out on yarns then & just the goal of doing a whole new project that gets me excited.

So, my Interweave magazine came in - & since they are quarterly, its always a celebration when I see my husband carrying it up the drive way in with the mail. Forget the bills, forget the credit card offers (why are there always at least a few in each day's mail?), forget that I could be a winner in Publishers Clearinghouse - my Knitting Magazine is here! LLLAAAAAA - that's the sounds of angels voices.

Imagine my disgust when I got my magazine & like a little kid on Christmas morning, started tearing through the pages - what's here? what's the coolest look? what can I envision me in or a friend or relative a new gift for Christmas? none of the above - NOTHING - every project just looked so BLAH to me! First of all - its supposed to be the summer patterns. Most of the stuff was in browns or dark, drab colors - plus, they weren't very pretty patterns. I was just so let down!

And I know someone, somewhere was so excited when they got their magazine & absolutely LOVED every pattern - it was probably their favorite magazine EVER - but not me, not these patterns, not this time around!

So, I figure this just gives me time to work on my unfinished projects for the next 3 months until the next magazine comes out - maybe this is a good thing- God stepping into my knitting & saying "Finish what you've got!"

And how many times do we do this with our Spiritual Life? We want to do so much, get involved in so many things and what happens? Some of the other things we were originally involved in (like the projects that haven't been finished) get neglected - dont get the attention that it should. It could end up a beautiful masterpiece if it were finished - but something else catches the eye & lures you away. So sometimes, we have to take the time to look at what we originally started & finish it and THEN its time to move on.

But then God is so good - because the next day, my Creative Knitting Magazine came in & I'm in love with at least 5 patterns - LLLAAAAA - the voices of angels are rising again! But I did learn my little lesson & I am making a point to finish at least 2 of my projects before I start another one! Hey - that's progress!
And by the way - these pictures are all from the latest magazine - is it just me? Or are these just not that pretty? And I for one do not want or NEED big circles going down the front of my chest & thank you! UGH!

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  1. Amazing... I too heard the sound of angel's voices when I went to the mailbox yesterday!!!! Ah... Creative Knitting :)


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