Thursday, May 22, 2008


OH, how my heart is just aching this morning for the Chapman Family!

For those of you who know me personally or maybe even just through the "blog world" - you can know that I have always been a Steven Curtis Chapman fan! I am the self proclaimed "#1 FAN!" - this man & his family just are an amazing family of Christ & His love. The music Steven has created & shared touches so many people. I think I even posted on the last time I saw him in concert & how his sons were playing in the band - & I can remember when they would come out on stage as tiny tikes just to say hi!

And the latest concerts, it wasn't the original 3 kids - it was the newest 3 kids - it was cutest little Asian girls you've ever seen. With the adoption of these girls & the spotlight put on international adoption, Steven & his family have just kept on living the life that God calls us to do!

Then the news this morning that the youngest daughter was killed in an accident by the teenage son - oh, its just heartbreaking!

The first thing that came to mind - its like I know these people! The Chapman family has always been so open in sharing their lives & what God does for them. I follow Steven's blog (which is on the side) along with his wife's blog (which is also on the side) & it also has links to their childrens blogs. Its like you actually know these people & then to hear this - I was crushed for them. Do you know how many people the Chapman family has touched? I bet they are surrounded by so many & yet probably feel so alone at a time like this. I know their faith is carrying them & WILL continue to carry them through - but we, as the body of Christ need to pray for their family.

Thats what hit me - someone I've never met personally, someone I've never spoken two words to - why do we feel such a strong sympathy for this? I think because we are all God's family. When someone in our family hurts, we hurt. So this morning, I can't imagine the hurt that they are dealing with as the immediate family - but I know so many Christians around the world who have been touched by their gifts are hurting with them.

Pray for the Chapman family for peace & comfort!

Thank you God that we can pray for those we never met & know that you will be there to comfort your children!

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