Friday, May 16, 2008


Can you believe how high gas is right now? I can remember the good ole' days when I started driving & gas was 95 cents a gallon! Now, I'm not that old - it really wasn't that long ago - but the difference between 95 cents a gallon compared to $3.91 a gallon - you'd think I lived through the Great Depression or something - I wonder what gas was then, now to think of it!

Its sort of scary when you now have to "budget" in where you are going for the day & to try & get everything done in one swoop so no back tracking. I use to drive a huge Ford Explorer (which I loved that car!) - when my car went on to scrap-metal Heaven, I got what I thought was a smaller car. Yes, its smaller -but man, the gas tank must have a little gas-fairy with a straw that just drinks it up the minute it gets poured in! Am I the only one feeling the crunch at the gas station? OUCHIE!

But I did get this link this morning which tells you where gas is the cheapest around your home or work - so take a look. If it'll make my gas bill $50.00 a fill up instead of $60.00 - I'll look at it!

I'm ready to get my dad's horse & just saddle him up!! Is Hay cheaper than Fuel?

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