Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Throwing Stones

I was just reading my latest book & it mentioned the story of the woman that was getting ready to be stoned. They took her out to Jesus & knew they "had" him since she was caught in adultery & the law said she had to be stoned. If Jesus didn't agree, he was going against the law & they loved this - another set up in trying to trap Jesus! When would these dorky people ever learn?

Anyways - this story just makes me want to cry because you can see & feel Jesus's forgiveness in it. But first, he's writing in the sand where she's laying at his feet. Wouldnt you love to know what He wrote? Was it a note to her? Was it some sins of the men that Jesus already knew? Was it just a cute little picture? What was it? We'll have to ask that in Heaven.

But what hit me today when I read it was when Jesus says in John 8:7 - "If any of you are without sin, let him be the first to throw a stone at her." Then there he went writing on the ground again.....

I was thinking though - who was that first person who threw down his stone & walked away! What was going through his mind? The Bible says its the older ones who walked away first & we can only imagine its because they had more sin under their belts - but they should also know the law too - they should have felt they should have stoned this woman - but they turned away. What made them do it? Did that person realize right there who Jesus was? Dont you wonder what happened to him after he left that scene? And what if one person started throwing stones anyways - do you think most would have followed suit since we do live in a world that follows the crowd? But someone took the first stance to drop their stone & walk away, until everyone just followed, dropping their stones & leaving!

There's someone else I want to talk to in Heaven! Maybe Jesus even wrote this man's name in the sand? Oh - so many questions to find out! Glad we'll be there for eternity!


  1. It humbles me to no end to think that I would have the nerve to "pick up stones" after all of the sins I've committed. How many times do I continue to grieve the heart of God! Even if the "picking up of stones" simply entails "quietly" passing judgement on someone. Truly, it is only by the grace of God that I am who I am, and I cannot remind myself of that enough. Can I get an amen on that!

  2. Jennifer - I'm with you! I'll give you a LOUD & BOLD AMEN!!!!


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