Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Stephanie's Hope

OK - the word is officially out so I can share a little bit now about the awesome project that has been created! Its called "Stephanie's Hope Scholarship Fund". This whole project has just been the coolest thing to see come together.

I'm going to give you a little back story of it all, but feel free to check out the blog & watch out for updates on what's happening & events that will be scheduled.

We were coming up on the dreaded anniversary dates & Ryan, Amber & I were just not looking forward to all the memories that were going to be swarming us. Then, I got a phone call from my awesome friend, Lynn. She told me she was preparing supper when this vision hit her. It was a vision of a dedication of Steph's life. A way to look at this time we were coming up on & to not be dreading it, but to look at it as a future, a hope! Lynn shared with me what she envisioned & asked if I thought it was something that the kids would be on board with. Immediately, the dread I was feeling myself had turned into something so exciting! I knew the kids were going to love it as well!

The vision that we believe God had given to Lynn is the bases for this Scholarship Fund. Stephanie had the biggest passion for missions & to just help the world! Help anyone really! But the larger picture for her were the people who had so much less than we did. Steph's ultimate dream was to travel to Africa herself & to just "hold those babies"! She didn't get to fulfill that dream herself but now, with this Fund, we are hoping to send others out into the Mission Field - to be a blessing to someone so they can be a blessing to others!

So this video was created as a quick introduction to the Fund & to highlight just a little of who Steph was & the hopes of this project. I know we so badly wanted all the kids involved but with short notice, Ryan & I were the only ones available to jump in front of the camera. Amber in on a MUCH NEEDED vacation with the kiddos (Hello Mickey Mouse!) & Nina & Rollie are far away - but we're hoping as events get closer, we'll see more & hear more from the all the kids - & some great words from the cutest grandkids too!

So, for those who haven't seen it - here is the video! It was hard to get in front of camera & try to put Stephanie in a few short words & what this would mean to her - words cant even describe really - but I think it all turned out pretty good! Thanks Barry for the awesome editor that you are!!

And of course, we are excited to see this project grow, not only as a dedication to an incredible woman, mother, wife, & friend - but we are excited to watch God work through it & for all the glory & honor to be given directly to Him!

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  1. Isn't God so awesome!!!! I can't wait for the ball to get rolling on this project and see where he leads us as we are obedient to his call! Lives are going to be touched in Steph's memory, but more importantly, they will be touched for HIS glory. AMAZING!!!!


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