Friday, May 30, 2008

Things I learned this week

I've seemed to have other things to say the past few weeks (or months) - but I wanted to look back at things I've learned, noticed or experienced the past week:

*A 3 day weekend is just what is needed sometimes - a extra day of sleep!

*Dont ever lock a Labrador Retriever in a room while company is there when they want to get out! It'll end up costing you! For us - its going to cost us a new room of carpet that our Lovely Lab pulled up trying to CLAW her way under the door!

*I'm now a Pampered Chef fan - loving the Stoneware!!!!

*Having someone pray over you & hearing words that only the Spirit could put in their mouth is soul-shaking!

*Watching a friend hurt & suffer with life decisions is heart breaking & makes you feel helpless

*Watching the LOST Finale has me even more confused but even more excited for next year!

*There's nothing like spending time with friends & their families - especially when they make you feel like a part of their own family!

*With the countdown being under a week for a visit from Julie & the baby, excitement levels are getting HIGH!!!!! (I cant WAIT to get my hands on that baby!!!!)

*People take for granted their feet - because let me tell you - when they hurt & it hurts to walk - you'll realize how nice it is to have feet that give you no problems!

*Are we seriously at the end of the 5th month? Didn't the beginning of the year just get here?


  1. Pampered Chef stoneware is awesome!!

    I had a Lab rip the stuffing out of a mattress...nice!!

    Good lessons this week!!

  2. If you have a party in June you get MORE free stuff :) Something to think about.....


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