Friday, May 09, 2008

Jesus waiting

Last night at my Bible Study group, someone mentioned the best image she has of Jesus. It is the image of Jesus sitting on her couch every day, just waiting & watching, longing for that time where they can sit & talk together.

It made our leader, Bridget, think of a story from the book "Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World" - she found the book & read it. This isn't exact, but the heart of the story.

A woman went into her drawing room & noticed Jesus sitting there. She asked why he was there & he said he wanted to take the time to talk with her. She would come every day & sit & talk & they would pull out the Bible & he would share insights about the stories in the Bibles that she never realized where there. She would be able to tell him anything & find comfort in his reactions & thoroughly enjoyed every minute she spent with him. She looked forward to the times they had together, alone in this room.

Life got hectic & she soon would miss one day, then another & she just had a hard time getting back to the room for her time with Jesus. Then one day, she noticed the door was open a little bit & there was a fireplace roaring. She looked in & saw Jesus was still sitting there in a chair just looking in the fire. She asked him if he had been there this whole time waiting on her. He assured her that he was there, sitting & waiting. She felt horrible & asked for his forgiveness for neglecting him. He sincerely forgave her & asked her to come sit so they could talk again. He then told her that he wasn't there just for her - he was there for himself as well.

The point of the story showing that Jesus died for us to have fellowship with us - its that important to him. Important enough to lay down his life! We think we need to read the Bible, or study, or pray for our own benefit - but have we ever sat & thought about Jesus wanting to communicate with us?

Is Jesus still waiting on you to talk to him?


  1. Great analogy!

    I'm so glad you shared it. That's exactly the reason I want to make every effort to spend as much time with the Lord as possible.

  2. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful reminder. You are awesome!!!


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