Monday, May 12, 2008

A Princess

Oh - the day could not have been more fun! Our church on Saturday had a Princess Tea for little girls, age 3 yrs old up to 5th grade, to come & dress up, play games & make cute Princess crafts & have a nice little lunch tea at the end of the day. It was just so "lovely"! Little girls were all decked out in their best Princess gear & tiara's were everywhere! It was great to watch, because it's not even the little girls that were enjoying it. All the mom's, sisters & aunts that came were just as into it as the little girls!

I know for me - being able to dress up & to play the role - it was the funnest thing I've done in a long time! And being with other "grown up" Princesses - all of us enjoying the day - it just made the day even better.

The idea, which is something that I always have loved - is to remind these little girls - that no matter how old they are - they are truly a Princess - the Daughter of the King! What a fun way to show it & to remind them of this!

It was even better for me because I got to have one of my girls with me - Lindsay was dressed up as Alice in Wonderland - her favorite character! It was so cute because she isn't as "known" to the little girls - there hasnt' been a huge Alice reissue lately - but by the end of the day, one of the little girls that was at her table - I asked, "Who's your favorite Princess" - & she looked at me with all the seriousiness a 5 yr old could have & said "I love Alice in Wonderland" - Lindsay must have done a good job!

Another part of the fun - we got to decorate our own tables for each Princess! Well, for me - being a Beauty & the Beast collector for YEARS, I had to choose what to bring & NOT to bring. There was actually some serious discussion between Ricky & I on what to take, but we narrowed it down. It was funny because someone asked me - "Is your room empty today" -I told her, "Actually, it didn't even make a dent!" - so now I'm excited about what I can do for next year & the decorating! Tons of options - tons of ideas! (Excuse the water bottle & keys on my table too - oopsie! - Not part of the decorations!)

As for me - anytime I can act like Belle, I'm all for it! I even had the "Beast" with me - but he had to make an early exit as some of the kids were a little freaked out by him. I asked them, "Dont you know the story? He turns out alright in the end!" But they weren't buying it! And I have to say a HUGE thank you to Christy & her mommy for re-vamping up my dress & making it a TRUE, dancing & twirling Belle dress! I think I may have to put it on weekly & just twirl in my living room with the video!

So - now, we're gearing up & thinking of ideas for next year - how can it be bigger, better & more fun? I can't imagine, but I'm looking forward to it!

And like I've told many friends lately - if you are ever having a bad day & need a little bit of cheering up - you can borrow my dress & twirl in it - you CANT have a bad day when you're twirling in a sea of floating, yellow material! Try it! You'll understand!


  1. How fun!! What a great way to let little girls (and remind moms) That they are daughters to the King!! Your church sounds fabulous. We had a wonderful M/D banquet on Friday with much the same reminder. Thanks for sharing. By the way, you make a beautiful Belle!!

  2. I had so much fun taking pictures Saturday... as I was going through them all it was amazing to see the pure joy on the faces of the girls... big and small!!!!

  3. It was all so very lovely!

  4. This is wonderful! You look gorgeous, so princess like!


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