Friday, October 10, 2008

Costume Idea

So Ricky & I are going to a costume party for Halloween on Halloween night - soooo excited! Ricky isn't one to dress up, but he's been trying to think of some ideas - slowly moving into it. Me - I LOVE to dress up - anything I can be - its the one time of the year that people dont look at you dumb! So I'm driving into work this morning & it hit me....the PERFECT costume for Ricky.

Follow me......I thought we could take an old t-shirt & write the lyrics to "Never Going to Give you up" by Rick Astley & then we could take some dinner rolls & glue them to this t-shirt......since he is Ricky - he would literally be a RICK ROLL!!!!!!!!! I loved this idea! I called him all excited. His response........."You need to call people & talk on your way into work so you dont sit & think by yourself"......I was too proud of my idea. Ricky - he just laughed at the idea....

If you dont know what I mean by a Rick Roll - I would be shocked......but here's an example where someone got Rick Roll'd on TV.....


  1. Very cool idea!

    You have to make him do it now! LOL

  2. Great idea!!! I'm still trying to figure out what my hubby and I can do together. I have ZERO ideas.

  3. I'd actually try to make a full body dinner roll costume for that, which would probably be fairly easy. Then he won't get any comments on all his many rolls. He could also wear a nametag for those that don't quite get it.

  4. That is too funny!! I didn't know about this ~~ I know, can you say dark ages :) ~~ I think that is a really cute idea (but don't tell him I used the word cute :o) That is a manly, very manly idea!!

    Have a Blessed weekend,

    PS Let us know what you decide!!

  5. lol- How funny..

    I remember this..

    One year my friends and I wore pig noses and wrapped up in a blanket.. We were pigs in a blanket.. It was fun.

  6. I have never heard of Rick Roll's another easy-peasy idea for a guy who doesn't really want to dress up: Make a big letter "P" on a shirt with duct tape or whatever and blacken one of his eyes with make-up. Ta-da! He's a black-eyed pea!

  7. I have never heard of Rick Roll,either, but that's a funny idea! Let us know what you decide.

  8. Oh I love the Rick Roll idea! That is BRILLIANT!


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