Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Vacation Pics

OK - I wont go on & on because I know alot of people dont enjoy looking at others vacation pictures, but I have to say something about it - it was just a great time watching how big our grandbaby has grown & what a handsome little man he is! He's such a little flirt! So put aside all the dental problems & migraines & let's focus on some good!

We got to our cabin - which the trip is supposed to take about 5 hrs - with a baby & traffic in Pigeon Forge & Gatlinburg - it took us about 8 hrs!!!! The cabin was beautiful & homey & had plenty of room for Isaac to crawl around & get his energy out!

This is my son in law, Steve, doing his Forrest Gump impression. They have a "Bubba Gump Shrimp" which has the BEST shrimp EVER! Talk about yummy! And it was so fun because we were in there when it was 80's hour (which was between 2-4...hmmm - 80's HOUR? - go figure) Isaac was dancing to the music & loved it - his Nanny is going to teach him the best of 80's music - maybe throw in a few 80's dance they make Parachute pants for babies?

We rode a skylift up to the top of a mini-mountain & enjoyed the view. Isaac slept all the way up but it didnt take long for him to enjoy the view himself. It was perfect weather - in the 60's in the day, not a cloud in the sky & the mountains were starting to change colors - it was another reminder of how awesome God's creations are!

See - he wasn't about to miss out - didn't care about the mountains - too busy watching the people!

There were plenty of pumpkins & fun Fall decorations so Isaac got a great photo shoot! He drew crowds! People stopped & were talking about taking pictures of him themselves because he was too cute - see, I'm not biased!

We had some awesome meals & Isaac was getting into the pancake action sitting next to his mommy. Everyone wanted to drive up to the top of the Smokies. I've been up there a countless number of times & with my headache & my ability to get car sick too easily - right after breakfast didnt sound like a good time for me to travel. So I stuck behind in Gatlinburg by myself to shop while they ventured to the top of ole' Smokie. The picture above is one of the little areas I found where it was all decorated & it was so fun in there. Being by myself - I dont meet a stranger. I shopped for awhile - found a discounted book store & walked out with 10 more books & then found a bench in this area. I then had some neat conversations with some amazing people while sitting here. People are just so nice & the world seems like a small place sometimes. It was fun having this time to myself - much better than throwing up in the car.....glad to meet up with my family when they ventured down out of the mountains.

Of course, boys will be boys (& I guess girls will be girls - Julie & I spent a good half day shopping at an outlet mall) & they wanted to race some cars. Ricky is #2 - with Steve coming out of the gate last. They hit the Nascar center. They were such losers!!!! Literally - they came in last & 2nd to last!!! Of course, it was the cars fault....of course!!!!

We had to stop & eat at the Apple Barn in Pigeon Forge - a tradition. There was an hour & A half wait (which was pretty good) & I just love this picture. Isaac got to crawl all over & just enjoyed himself so much outside.

This was the last morning before we were leaving in front of our cabin. I cant even put all the fun times down - so many. I laughed so hard my stomach hurt at times - enjoyed Julie & Steve so much & of course, made me so sad to see Isaac leave again. We ate so much food that Ricky & I are probably going to fast the rest of the week. Besides the small yucky stuff with my dental woes - it was really a perfect trip......and plans are already in the works for next year!!!!


  1. What an exceptionally cute grandbaby!! Especially love the bun shot!

  2. Oh, I am lovin that last picture.. to cute..

    I have never been there.. I really want to go to PF.

    Beautiful pictures.. I am so glad you had a great time..

    Oh yeah, Parachute pants for babies cracked me up..

  3. Oh my stars ~~ that was fun just in the pics alone!! I'm so sorry about all your ailments along the way, but so glad you had a good time anyway. And that G-baby ~~ get-out-of-town CUTE!!!

    I love leaving a store with 10 books and talking to people, and eating pancakes, and even waiting in line for 1 1/2 hours to eat at a GREAT place, as long as I'm with a baby that cute. Okay so obviously I could go on and on . . . . Have a Blessed evening, Dawn

  4. He is absolutely precious! I love all your pics. It looks like such a great time. I love Gatlinburg, and especially the Apple Barn...yummy!!

    P.S. You are so sweet to have thought of me on your trip! I wish I could have been shopping right along with ya!

    Hope you are feeling all better soon!

  5. So so cute!!!! We ate at Bubba Gump's on our honeymoon in Hawaii!!

    And the baby....just precious!

  6. I forgot to tell you that I had a surprise for you on my blog! Check it out!

  7. Oh my goodness that makes me wanna go back to Pigeon Forge! Is that Apple Barn not to die for! It is well worth the wait!

    I love all your pictures and that is one cute grandbaby! Glad ya'll had such a great time!

  8. We just went there for a family reunion and had a great time! We stayed near Dollywood. We didn't get to go to the Apple Barn because there were literally 40 of us! No one wanted to see us coming!! It's pretty there in the fall! Glad you had fun!

  9. These are GREAT! Such pretty scenery. SOOO sorry about your migraine. Believe me, I know how miserable they are at home, let alone while traveling. Hope you are feeling all better!

  10. Gah! I miss all you guys like crazy!

    Looks like you had a great time. Thanks for sharing the pictures for us.

  11. Gah, I miss you guys like crazy!

    It looks like you had a great time - thanks for sharing the photos!

  12. He is a cutie! I'm glad you had a great time. The pics are great! I hope you are feeling better.

  13. What awesome pictures...Isaac is just too cute, and getting so big! Plans for next year already?! You Go Girl!!!!!

  14. This is such a wonderful post. We try to go every year. We live about 5 1/2 hours from Pigeon Forge. I love the Apple Barn. But my favorite place is the Pancake Pantry in Galinburg and the candy store right next door. Yummy!! It looks like you had a wonderful time!! I love the pictures. You make me want to go again. :)

  15. I love pictures! So keep em coming.

    Hi it's the welcome wagon again, just to keep things interesting, I'll be randomly revisiting ALL the blogs in SSS. You can call it butt kissing too, just in case you have me as your partner, I want to make sure I've made a good impression.


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