Saturday, October 11, 2008

I love to party!

Oh yeah, I'm a party animal! I hit all the 4 yr old parties!!! Yes - it was my niece's birthday party & it was so much fun! It started with the "date" that I had with them Friday night. It was just too much fun taking them in the toy store & being able to run & look at everything & they were so good about their decisions.

Sophia wanted yet another baby doll - this girl LOVES her babies....& a stroller for it & a diaper bag full of bottles, diapers, changing pad - such a mommy herself.

Madilynn - she went in with the idea of getting a guitar. We found one - a real one too & then she changed her mind - she wanted drums instead. Hey - I dont have to listen to it so I just get what she wants. She also found some Spiderman snow boots that she fell in love with. I knew Spiderman had to be in there somewhere.

Dinner was so much fun too - the conversations we had just crack me up. I cant believe they are old enough to even HAVE conversations with. I just adore these girls.

So their party was today & their new friends from their "school" showed up & I just had a ball playing with them, jumping in their "bouncy" & just getting to see how cute 4 yr old girls are! And boy, was I jealous as anything. My sister in law has a friend she works with that made their cake - & it was BEAUTY & THE BEAST!!!!! I asked the lady if she can go ahead & put me down for one in December for my birthday!!! It was amazing! And yummy! The icing - holy cow - I think it was a whole days worth of calories in that alone....but calories dont count at a birthday party, right?

These girls are just the apples of my eyes! And now, we're counting down until Isaac gets here - Thursday......Ready for some grandbaby love now!!!!

And you have to watch the video (after all the pics) - it made my whole day......on the top of the cake was the rose in the dome. When they were getting ready to take it apart to cut it - you'll see what Sophia says - its only 19 seconds - it wont take alot of your time.....but it made my whole weekend!

Sophia & her little friends from school. All these girls were just too precious!

This little boy is the son of my brothers friend. He is the most adorable little boy who's hair is OUT OF CONTROL!!! It constantly looks like his finger is in an outlet - it works for him though!

Getting ready to cut the cake. Sophia was going nuts about the icing. She always loves to run her finger through the icing & eat it - can't do it with this sort of icing. So insteand she just poked at it the whole time. See Madi - she's about over the birthday celebration at this time.

Sophia modeling one of the new outfits I got her - it has the Princesses on it so she "called it" before Madi.....And then she had to model it....A total & complete ham!!!

While most of the kids were having fun jumping IN the bouncy - Madi was testing her Spiderman skills by climbing the net on the outside!!!! This girl knows no fear!

Me & Sophia....we held the camera out & snapped it ourselves so a little close....

Everyone should have to go to a child's party - it just makes you happy!
And now the video.....(& listen close - a girl after my own heart - she tells me I can lick the rose!)


  1. Such sweet pleasures. Glad you had a great time.

  2. What a fun party! The cake looked awesome and it was so sweet that she gave you the rose! Believe me, I know all about the love for nieces!!!

    Hope your weekend has been great!

  3. What an amazing looking cake! WOW! And how precious was that video for her to give you the rose! So sweet! Glad ya'll had such a fun time!

  4. That cake is beautiful! wow and the video is so precious!

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  5. What a great time you must have had... maybe you should take the girls shopping once a month... at the toy store... that way you can get some serious play time in!

  6. What a cute party!! I LOVE beauty and the beast. I wish that were my birthday cake!! (o:

    And you're right, there is no such thing as calories when birthday cake is involved- whether it's yours or someone elses. I mean, we're celebrating! (o:

  7. Wow that cake is amazing!!!!! Was it fondant icing?

    You get the rose in my book too!!! What sweet girls you have there ~~ too cute.

    Have a Blessed week,


  8. I'm visiting from SSS to say hi. I love the cake. Awesome. I'm a chrocheter. I like to use thread. My mom is an amazing knitter. That is a talent I have not mastered. It is a frustrating talent and meant for wonder people

  9. The cake looks amazing! Glad ya'll had a great time!

  10. That is an amazing cake! Looks like a good time :) Visiting you from the SSS.


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