Wednesday, October 01, 2008

My Mom

I have to give a big ole' shout out to my mommy! Today is her birthday! She's hitting a milestone birthday too - I wont say because she'll probably bop me on the head if I did, but this calls for an even bigger shout of


My mom is an incredible woman! She has always been someone who tells it like it is, but keeps a sense of humor in everything she says or does. No one in this world can make me laugh like my mom! She is the type of mom who all my friends didn't mind hanging out with. She is always up for a game & fun! I can remember my mom always playing games with me, Yahtzee, Trivial Pursuit, card games of every sort, & yes, Scrabble!!! I had a whole room full of board games & my mom was always up to play whatever. I can remember summer breaks of staying up late & watching old TV shows - "George Burns & Gracie Allen" & "I Married Joan". I remember watching my mom crochet a baby blanket anytime she heard someone was going to have a baby. Maybe thats originally where my love of yarn came from - I saw it around my house all the time - always had my own blankets that she crocheted.

My mom has always been my biggest encourager too. It was funny because I can remember my Karate tournaments & while my dad & brother also were involved in the martial arts, they would always be nervous for me during tournament times. My mom would be standing on the side lines screaming "Kick their butt!!!!" She always cheers me on!

And my mom has been a huge spiritual guidance for me. She always had records playing in the house that was praising God - & I can always remember her being active in our church along with my dad. I can always picture her blue bible when I think of her. I never could figure it out because it has a sword on the front of it, but if you turned it upside down, it looked like a cross - I never knew which way it was "supposed" to go - but either way works. My mom always showed me the importance of God. I value her opinion even to this day on anything spiritual!

And if you know me - I'll tell you - you know my mom! Ricky & my dad are sure to remind me all the time that we sound just alike in things we say or do. I can tell you - I do have her sense of humor - & I do feel like I have her easy going personality & her ability to befriend anyone & talk to anyone. I think I had the best role model ever growing up!

Yeah - so on her birthday - I just wanted to share how cool my mom is - she's awesome, amazing, beautiful, wonderful - everything good! My mom rocks!!!!

Happy Birthday Mom - I love you!!!!


  1. What a beautiful tribute to your mom!

  2. What a sweet blog about your Mom. Man, some of us are really blessed with great Mom's.

    Happy Birthday to your Mom!

  3. Wow, your mom is beautiful! Happy Birthday to her!!! :)

  4. I left you some bloggy love.. come on over and check it out..

  5. Happy, Happy Birthday to your great Mom! Hope she has a great day!


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