Thursday, October 02, 2008

When it rains it pours

Amazing! I am going over to my mom's house to celebrate her birthday & right as I am pulling into her drive way - I'm noticing that my tooth feels funny. I look in the mirror - ITS BROKE!!! Now, let me remind you - I just had to get a crown on 3 weeks ago for another cracked tooth! This is my 5th broken tooth I've had in the past few years! I was so mad!

I ended up going to a new dentist this morning - mine was on vacation. I have to say - this is an awesome dentist though - very nice, very thorough, everything was very modern & they used the latest technology (how cool are digitial x-rays!) & he gets in & looks. Where my tooth broke - it loosened up the filling in the tooth before it - & lo & behold - the tooth above it is also cracked & broken - Broken tooth #6!!!! What the heck!

So I got all ready for tooth #5 to get a new crown & I have to go in 3 weeks to get my #6 fixed as well. I'm getting tired of having my mouth ripped into - tired of paying for crowns too!!!!!!! This is so frustrating!

It was interesting though - the way the dentist said to me as he tore away the old filling & ground down the tooth that was broken. He said, "We broke it down, got all the decay out & now, we're going to build it up strong & ready to go"

Yeah - I find God in everything - even laying there with drool going down the side of my mouth - I thought of God. How he breaks us down sometimes to get the decay out. Sometimes it deep & He has to drill in DEEP - & its painful & not fun & you end up numb sometimes. But then you get built up shiny & new - strong- ready to go again!!!!!

And God can do it without the need for dental insurance....whole other topic - dont get me started!!!

I will say though - I did have a good thing happen today - I got another blog award from my blog-buddy Becky. You know she has to be amazingly cool with a name like that! (WINK!)

Thanks Becky!!! And I know there are rules that go with it - but today, I have to say, I'm not all that into playing the rules - I'll get back to it though!


  1. You are very welcome.. and I feel it is well deserved.

    I am sorry to hear about all your teeth woes but I am glad that you are seeing GOD in the midst of all those broken teeth..

    I hope having them fixed isn't all that painful..

  2. Oh dear, bless your heart. I'm so sorry for all of the tooth trouble, but I love the way you tied it into our walk with the Lord. He is evident in all things, if we are looking for Him!

  3. It must be tooth week. I am having all four of my wisdom teeth pulled tomorrow morning. So, if I seem to be lacking some wisdom next time you see me, you now know why!

  4. Do you grind/clench your teeth in your sleep? That could cause it, and you can buy a night guard at the drug store that will offer some protection.

    I'm lucky, we caught mine early enough that my only damage is some enamel flaking because I bite down so hard the teeth flex.


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