Saturday, November 01, 2008

Halloween Pics

(WARNING - TONS of pictures...& only a small amount of the ones I sure to look at them all....great costumes throughout!)
What a fun time....My sister-friend Lynn had a Fall Party with costumes as options & it was a great time seeing everyone who is always so stylish, break out in some alter personalites!!!! So let's get to some great pictures .

First - yes - I told you that Ricky was a Man-diva with his hair. So how do you work around the hair? Figure out what men have long hair....the options were a hippie, a rocker (which he is in every day life anyways) & an there he is - as an Indian...& looking thrilled - right? Don't let him fool you - he had fun dressing up. But he kept saying "We're adults - I cant believe we're dressing up!" - I told him to shut you, I know he's really enjoying it!

So I had to join along & be an Indian as well....thought about being a Sheriff....but went with the hubs in the look.....

And here is Lynn as a Christmas Tree - since Christmas is her favorite clever is that? And that's her grandbaby Levi, who was Mario (he even had a little Mushroom in his carrier) & his cousin was Lugi (is that even how you spell it?) - looks like Levi is kissing his Nanny!

And then there was Carly, Lynn's daughter - who I LOVED!! She was Carlotta from "Phantom of the Opera".....her sister said she reminded her of Amy Winehouse though.....I dont think Amy Winehouse is ever that classy....her dress was beautiful!

My twin, Erica just found out she's pregnant a few weeks ago (say a little prayer for her!!!) so it was very appropriate that she came as a Full size Pregnant woman! It was nuts because it totally showed us what she's going to look at in just a few months!!!

And we had a little fairy & a big fairy in Chandra & her daughter. This too is Lynn's daughter & I'm telling you - she makes these tutu-s & they are GORGEOUS!!! If you are interested - visit her blog & you can order them - the color you want & everything. I'm totally getting one myself for next Halloween!!!! (And they look too cute around PG bellies too - Erica was attest to that!)

(There's the little fairy doing a "scary face" - you can't help but still think she's adorable!)

We also had Minnie Mouse along with Will from Pirates of the Carribean (their son was Jack Sparrow & I am so mad - I didnt get his picture!!) but they had a little SnowWhite with them as well!

And then there was another awesome family. Dad was "Mighty Mac" which is a whole other story in itself - he is going around to churches & he's a super hero that defends all that God stands for.....He's going to be BIG one day with this - remember you saw him here first!!!! His daughter is also part of the dynamic duo - but she went with a "Guitar Hero" this year. Loved her costume - especially because she is just a no make up, easy going - awesome!!! - girl - she freaked me out just wearing makeup! Mom was obviously a little like FOXY Cleopatra with the 70's look! And Sister there had changed from an Academy Award winner with a beautiful gown & an award to a comfy kiddo in these PJ's....

We also had a hippie - which is funny because he's a policeman now & to see him so "Peace & love" & with was great!!!! (This is Lynn's hubby!) Lynn made the bell bottoms...I would totally wear them now!

And the best costume that was freaking everyone the Joker....He can do the voice & quote lines just like the was truly nuts to look over & see him just sitting there with that stupid smile on his face........He did so good putting this together too - got all the clothes at Goodwill....very resourceful....still very freaky!

Oh - can't leave out the tiny ones too - we had a Dorothy....I have a Dorothy costume myself - but I couldnt even compete with this cuteness so I didnt even bother.....

And there's also a Ninja - you can't see him - can you?

And here's some other was so much fun to hang around great friends & just laugh & enjoy each other.....Who says Halloween is for kids only!!!!

Finger Food!

These faces are hilarious!


  1. What a fun time you all had!! Wonderful photos!!


  2. Awesome costumes! I had a little Dorothy too:)

  3. Finger food - hahahahahaha!!!!!

    These costumes were GREAT!!!!! You and hubs look fantastic ~~ so glad you had fun and that he dressed up too.

    Have a Blessed weekend, Dawn

  4. Cute costumes and fun memories! Happy Halloween!

  5. Great costumes! Love the finger food. Ha!!

  6. WOW! There WERE some great costumes!

    The finger food was really cute! LOL

    Looks like you had a great time. Hope you have a great weekend, too!

  7. It was fun, wasn't it?! HMMMM... can you dress up for Thanksgiving????

  8. Great costumes, looks like you all had a great halloween.

  9. Looks like you guys had a blast.

    Thanks for coming to visit my blog. Come back and see us again soon.

  10. These are all great!

    Love the Phantom of the Opera/Amy Winehouse


  11. It looks like you all had a great time!! Everyone had such great costumes :)
    Thanks for stopping by my blog- come back anytime :)

  12. Great pics! That looks like so much fun. I love the finger food!!

  13. Those are some great costumes!! I love the Carlotta/Amy Winehouse costume and the fairies are just too cute!

  14. Looks like you had a great halloween! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog & I hope to see you again!

  15. I love your indian costumes - you both look great! You guys had a fun party with so many "distinguished" or at least "infamous" guests LOL. The finger food added a nice touch. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog :)

  16. Sayin' hi didn't make a new post today either, huh??

    I'm trying to say hi to everyone who posted on SITS today - not sure I'm going to make it, but it's a goal!

    Jeannie (again!)

  17. great pics!
    Loved the 'finger food'! haha

  18. Awesome pictures - awesome costumes!!! We had a joker at our party too. Scary!!! (o: YOu look great!

  19. What fun! It looks like you guys had a great Halloween and know how to party!

  20. Love the food that looks like fingers.


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