Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Money going where?

I've heard it said before & it was said again in our past Sunday's sermon - show me your check book & what you spend your money on, & I'll show you your priorities. Its so true though - where you care to spend your money - & working in Accounting for a living - I am always a stickler for watching where my money is being spent. I'm one of those freaks that gets excited when the bank statement comes to see if I balance - & if I ever don't balance - I'm sitting there until I figure out what's going on. So how much fun is my job where I get to do that for a living?

Anyways - I just wanted to pass on an INCREDIBLE web site for those of you who like to know where your money is going. I use it & LOVE it & have heard from others who appreciate this site. It's called Mint & it will show you EVERYTHING about your money. If you are one of the people who do alot of on line banking or pay your credit cards on line - this is for you!! I dont know how it does it - but if you set it up with all your links to different banks & credit card pages - it'll keep you updated on what you owe, what you pay, & exactly how you spend your money! It even has catagories to break it down & graphs that are BAM, in your face! Even a budget set up for you to see if you are going over or need to adjust things. I think you'll like it - if your a geek with numbers like me!

What did I find out - I love yarn (SURPRISE?) - gas spending has dropped (Thank you Lord for oil dropping) - I go to Walgreens more than I should (so convenient being right on the corner) - my health insurance is a HUGE ugly chunk on the graph (sigh...) - & the part you'll see - when you give to your church - you think you are giving so much & you'll see even if you tithe - that you still have so many other things that you spend so much on.... that 10% in the grand scheme of things - doesnt really hurt you - but only blesses you & your church & your church family....

Let me know if you have tried Mint or if you like it.... join the Revolution of Number Geeks like me!


  1. Okay, somehow I can see Chandra going there... she is a numbers person as well... but aren't numbers and math kind of on the same link... and isn't math a tool of Satan used to destroy the world??? I am just sure that it is... so maybe... just maybe... I need to steer totally away from this site... I don't want to black out, and wake up to find myself totally surrounded by all those number!!!!!!!

  2. I guess I have to say that I will check it out...my mom was right...I know i will love it and I haven't even been there yet.

  3. Great link! Thanks. I'm afraid to know where my money is going ;)

    Thanks for all the sweet comments on my blog. I love hearing from you!

  4. Great site though I am a little leary of giving so much info out on the web. Have you had any problems or concerns about that? I love to see where my/our money is going too. I know my husband is keeping Starbucks afloat. It that's his worst addiction he can keep it. Thanks for sharing this information. It may come in very handy in the months ahead.

  5. What a neat site! Thanks for the link and tips on how to use it! I will have to investigate it further!

  6. I'm so glad you blogged about this. My friend told me about it and I forgot to check it out. I really think it sounds cool!

  7. My husband is the money cruncher in our house...I am no longer allowed to grocery shop...does that tell you where all our money goes?!?!? :(

  8. Hey---thanks for your encouraging words, on he whole yucky situation at my house last night. It is better today.

    I am also going to be checking into MINT, to see what I can do differently with my finances.
    Thanks for sharing.


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